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Laurel stucky and jordan wiseley still dating


Can't believe I forgot her! Hopefully they can take Plank's spot on a future challenge. Omfg at you changing your avatar.

And they probably would take Plank's spot if the other Ex-Plosion girls decided to go.

30. Ashley Mitchell

A new concept with 8 teams of 4 depending on how many Challenges you've done. Aneesa Ferreira Real World: Chicago Ashley Mitchell Real World: Thomas Nany Gonzalez Real World: Portland Rachel Robinson Road Rules: Skeletons Violetta Milerman Real World: Abram Boise Road Rules: Sydney Cory Wharton Real World: Skeletons Wes Bergmann Real World: Devyn Simone Real World: Las Vegas [7].

In hindsight, Laurel stucky and jordan wiseley still dating should have been prior Challenges and Veteran should have been prior Challenges, but oh well I already made the cast lol. What do you think? I felt AYTO was inevitable, plus even I will admit there are some good characters from that show as well.

I may make a fantasy elimination chart later if I feel like it, lol. I really think they should bring this theme back because it's not limiting to cast members. Girls Jill Karlsen The Challenge: Bloodlines Averey Tressler Real World: Portland Emily Schromm Real World: Cancun Jenna Compano Real World: Explosion Ceejai Jenkins Real World: Go Big or go home Latoya Jackson Real world: CT tamburello Real world: Bloodlines Robb Schreiber Real World: Cancun Cohutta Grindstaff Real World: Sydney Michael Boise The Challenge: Bloodlines Darrell Taylor Road Rules: Skip to main content.

Log in or register to post comments. January 29, - 5: January 29, - 6: January 29, - 7: Skeletons Abram Boise Road Rules: LaToya Jackson Real World: Portland [2] Cohutta Grindstaff Real World: Sydney Laurel stucky and jordan wiseley still dating Cory Wharton Real World: Las Vegas [7] -- Now here are the teams: January 29, - 8: I like the cast aside from AYTO.

•Laurel Stucky (Free Agents): On...

The concept is really good, too. Jenny would be an amazing partner. Should've paired you with "Legendtina" lmaooo. January 29, - 9: January 29, - Sylvia and Marie Eliminated: Chris and Tony Eliminated: South Pacific Adam R. Los Angeles Coral RW: Semester at Sea Violetta RW: Campus Crawl Dustin RW: Back to Las Vegas Frank R. Las Vegas Johnny RW: Portland Mike Bloodlines Ryan C.

New Orleans Kimberly RW: Hollywood Damn good cast. If only this could be a reality. January 30, - January 30, - 2: That cast is highkey nearly perfect. I'd watch tf out of that Challenge. Still dead at the thought of Nany and I being partners. January 30, - 3: Jordan Wiseley Remember Laurel stucky and jordan wiseley still dating time Jordan flipped over all the cards in Free Agents so he could face Johnny Bananas in and, thanks also to her sharp tongue, became a fan favorite many still miss Laurel stucky and jordan wiseley still dating..

Laurel Stucky.

Jordan Wiseley Remember that time...

Jordan Wiseley (4th season) Confirmed: Jonna Mannion, Laurel Stucky, Sarah Rice Confirmed: Tori Deal (currently dating), AYTO 5 girls. Jordan Wiseley. @laurelstucky if all of this is for @JordanW_usa,it's nice and all but you might wanna keep him on his toes a bit just sayin. 2 replies 0.

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