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There is no more popular online destination for the modern male than Imgur. By the numbers, this humble photo-sharing site is in firm command of the millennial dude, blowing BuzzFeedReddit and even Tumblr out of the water with over million monthly Real sex imgur and the highest concentration of millennial males in the U.

But you wouldn't know it unless you've stared Imgur right in Real sex imgur eyes. Or unless you're part of the club. If you ask its die-hard users, you'll get a lot of different Real sex imgur. It's where the nicest people on the Internet upvote and curate a daily hub of the most viral, hilarious and inspiring memes and photos.

Imgur is the pinnacle of real Internet culture, the last bastion of cohesive online community. Imgur is the greatest online experiment in mass media in an age when the Internet is getting smaller and smaller. And Imgur is growing up. Imgur is betting that it can mature into a full-fledged social network and take its place among the Facebooks and the Reddits, the great Silicon Valley Internet titans. Its leaders, a brother-and-sister team from Ohio, claim Imgur can scale without sacrificing its youthful spark or that warm, tight-knit feeling that makes its community so special.

It's the twilight of Imgur's adolescence. What better way to celebrate than a trip to summer camp? When I first saw Sarah Schaaf — Imgur's director of community, and sister of Alan Real sex imgur, the founder and CEO — she was standing alone in a glade of redwoods, looking dazed with a megaphone on her hip, staring into the sky. It was a big day. We were two hours before the start of Camp Imgur, the site's first attempt at a convention for its gargantuan Internet cult.

Dozens were showing up early, dragging bags and carts through dust clouds toward tents and tiny cabins. Sarah had been planning this for over a year, and she was ready to see Imgur made manifest. One hour later, campers dragged bags and carts through the billowing dust clouds of Camp Navarro. My roommate was Imgur's lawyer, Bob Ellis, the Internet-law attorney who's kept Imgur from Real sex imgur successful attempt at a lawsuit. It was the community's chance Real sex imgur jump off Real sex imgur front page of the site and into the real world.

Camp was filled with activities: At a solar carving workshop, campers burned portraits of popular memes like Dickbutt and Grumpy Cat into planks of wood before turning the magnifying glasses around to light their cigarettes. There were presentations by notable Imgurians: They're all strangers, but they come from a place where I know I'll be accepted.

And then there was debauchery. Hours into day one, groups began to head into the woods and get high. As night fell, the darkness concealed the smoke and no one bothered to sneak away; the smell of good California weed hung in pockets around the campfire. There were 20 kegs for the event; one Imgur employee did a rough calculation that there was enough for every attendee to have six drinks, but naturally they ran out of beer by the second evening.

A team of Imgur developers developed a makeshift trade route through the winding valleys of California wine country, pillaging the markets of Mendocino County of every rack of Bud Light they could find. In the past year, he'd been picked up by Sarah to work as a contractor for the community support team. We didn't hang out long. Camp sex was everywhere.

Online, the envious thousands who couldn't make it followed the photo uploads with Real sex imgur and awe, confessing their sexual attraction to the attendees.

Real sex imgur who first heard about Imgur while stationed in Okinawa. Like almost every camper I spoke to, he was amazed that the crowd was more well-rounded than the typical Internet nerd fare that you might expect from an online community with such a wonkish love of video games and fandom. It was an idealized sample of the site's inhabitants. Many popular Internet memes begin as obscure references but gain popularity as they percolate in Imgur's community, get Real sex imgur with Imgur's macro tool and finally become part of the fabric of the mainstream viral Web.

Every day, Imgurians are participating and building a single source of entertainment, with millions of eyeballs converging in one place. Visiting Imgur brings you to the central hub, the front page of its most viral images, each of which pulls in anywhere from about 50, to a few million views.

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The easiest, if not crudest, way to explain Imgur is that it's like Pinterest but for dudes. According to rankings from analytics Real sex imgur Comscore, Imgur Real sex imgur the No.

My god, the puns. For loyal Imgurians, the site is a total time-sink. An online destination that's a hub for mostly men immediately brings to mind a hotbed for porn, anger and idiocybut Imgur is anything but.

Well, there's plenty of porn, if you're looking for it. But a visit to Imgur is consistently cheery. The success of a photo, meme or comment is almost directly tied with its subtle humor or how uplifting it is — a phenomenon the Schaafs called "niceness at scale" when I met the team in New York a year ago.

The front page usually has a smattering of Real sex imgur stories or cries for support for an ailing loved one, and negative comments are almost always downvoted into total oblivion. Imgur is like the bright side of the moon of the modest male identity online, for which the dark side is the toxic masculinity and self-obsessed intellectualism that is Reddit.

Except that Imgur isn't subdivided into smaller Real sex imgur where hateful collectives can stew; Imgur is no house divided.

When Saturday night's astronomy class was stymied by an overcast sky, one longtime Imgurian took the opportunity to propose to his girlfriend, whom he met at a summer camp as a teenager:. And in the thick of it all, slinking between crowds and dance floors, sometimes undetected, was Sarah's little brother, Alan Schaaf. I'd met Imgur's singular founding father before on Real sex imgur various metropolitan media tours he'd taken over the past year, always with handlers, never down among his people.

I was quickly warned he had a secret competitive side when it came to sports, games and local poker nights.

Post with votes and views....

I scored no points. Alan coldly trounced me. If you were to look for the spark of Imgur's soul, it'd be Alan Schaaf. He was the protean Imgurian, the model citizen whose whimsy, modesty and humor was the blueprint for Imgur's culture today. If Imgur's ethos is "niceness at scale," the identity of the Imgurian is Alan Schaaf at scale.

Alan Schaaf grew up in Granville, Ohio, population roughly 5, a historic town near a smattering of churches and cornfields. Because he didn't identify as the "typical Granville person," he hit the Internet and started coding young. By 14, Real sex imgur was professionally making websites for his parents' colleagues in real estate. When he was 15, he was given a laptop, and started immediately hacking the hardware and customizing software from deep within Windows' hierarchical databases.

When he was a junior studying computer science at Ohio University in the late s, he saw that his favored online community, the budding Reddit. Reddit was, and still is, an aggregator, and it needed a home Real sex imgur put its original content. Alan had already built an early version of Real sex imgur we'd think of as Box or Google Drive for Real sex imgur, his first clients, to store pictures of houses.

Real sex imgur he dug in and started coding. It had no compressed images, basic cropping tools and porn was definitely allowed as long as it was legal.

Redditors ate it up. Then Alan's college community got Real sex imgur of what he was doing from his dorm room. Imageshack tried to buy Imgur in the first six months, but Schaaf thought it was too early Real sex imgur sell. TGO was mainly doling out cash for professors and entrepreneurs with a pet projects Real sex imgur mind. Alan was the first student to land a small grant. Alan had a desk down the hall from Strader, who started working with him daily on how to turn the small site into a business.

Strader turned from mentor to business partner. When he graduated, Alan took Real sex imgur Strader as employee No. Today, Strader is still Imgur's chief operating officer. But as much as redditors loved Alan's file-storage utility, they wanted a way to get to the images they were seeing on Reddit without having to comb through forum after forum.

So Alan built a front page, an unadulterated stream of uploaded images at Imgur. When this got tiring, he cloned Reddit's upvoting mechanism. He stepped back and let the hive mind do its work. Real sex imgur there was commenting, originally built to be a caption contest. The most upvoted comments were meant to be the funniest or best caption for the photo, and to a certain extent, this is generally true.

But Alan saw people speaking to one another, using -replies to talk and compose makeshift threads. They weren't just captions, they were communications. He linked the handles to user profiles, built in comment threads and gave users the ability to message each other. That was a pivotal point, according to Alan, a moment that may have decided Imgur's future.

Instead, Alan dug down into the comments and uploads to build a community, Real sex imgur with himself.

He set up community rules and started modeling the behavior he wanted. After building the Imgur that was useful, he started focusing on the Imgur he thought was fun.

They worked out of an apartment at first before moving into a one-room office above a shoe shop. As the community grew from thousands to tens of thousands and reaching into the millions, Alan continued as the Real sex imgur programmer. As the company grew, he was building the schemas, building the database by hand, writing the specs.

Alan Schaaf needed someone to be the custodian of the community, the new voice of Imgur, the wrangler to handle the growing culture. Shortly after the company moved to San Francisco, he called on his big sister, Sarah, to become Imgur's first community manager. She quickly became the much-loved, ever-present, sometimes-fetishized and always benevolent Queen of Imgur.

By earlyImgur had outgrown Reddit in traffic and had 15 employees. Still, Imgur hadn't realized its full potential: Post with Real sex imgur and views. Tagged with ; Shared by imafatchicknamedkrystal. Porn Sex vs.

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Real Sex: The Differences Explained With Food. Imgur is the pinnacle of real Internet culture, the last bastion Real sex imgur. "I don't know how I can stand having this much sex and freedom," said Mike.

Camp Imgur results in shocking confessions that you need to read right now.

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