Built in 1894, the ST REGIS GRAND, opened in late 1999 after extensive restoration, the cost of 35 million dollars. This hotel has always been a symbol of luxury, the…

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Hotels on Nevsky Prospekt, St. Petersburg
Especially popular among guests of our city hotels are located on the Nevsky Prospekt. And all that mystical spirit seething Nevsky prospect attracts huge number of tourists and visitors, along…

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Unusual hotels of the world

Fuchun Resort (China). Exotic hotel in Hangzhou – the successor to the secluded shelters, where travelers could find rest. The implementation of this plan (the project of developed by Jean-Michel Gati) serves everything from furniture that combines modern shape and elements, imitating the creations of local artisans, to the beautiful Chinese landscape. Beneath the terrace of the hotel restaurant the river of Fuchun, and its opposite shore narrow steps of tea plantations down to the water.

If you want privacy, rent a Villa on the shore. However, according to the Confucian concept of passive recreation should be interspersed with active: the hotel has a pool, tennis courts, fitness club, Golf course. Special pride Fuchun Resort, Spa and kitchen are used only natural products. And the restaurant serves Chinese. As you know, they are the best cooks in the world, excluding, perhaps, only the French. How much: $230 – 2000 per Villa per day.

Faena Hotel + Universe

This hotel in the heart of the bustling Buenos Aires is another creation of the inimitable Philippe Starck. It is as if specially created for women, in the soul which lives a little girl, zachityvalis kerrollovskogo adventures of Alice. In the dazzling white lobby with crystal chandeliers from the walls stare the unicorns head with ruby eyes and a food hall reminiscent of holinoliticheskogo country house: scarlet velvet curtains and gilded chairs contrast with the harsh brick walls, along the walls in glass cabinets adorned with elegant tableware. However, fabulous interiors combined with futuristic swimming pool and a rooftop bar.

And in Faena Hotel you can go to the gym or relax in the Turkish Hammam. Marble floors and couches in there are heated to 37°C, humid, hot steam eliminates toxins: the body is literally being reborn before the new campaign in the city. How much: $350-1200 per day.

The Outpost (South Africa)

It is located in the heart of the national Park, which stretches around Savannah. The main idea of this “hunting” of how things work, architectural offices Daffonchio&Associates from Johannesburg, is the combination of privacy and modern design. Rooms are located on terraces, soaring in the air. Complete freedom surrounded by nature emphasizes even such a trifle as glass bathrooms. Although through the transparent wall behind the toilet for your partner can peek except that flying bird. The furniture in the rooms – in the spirit of African hunting bivouac. A short “camp” tables, cube Ottomans, upholstered in cow hide, couches with savage a scattering of colorful pillows. And if you do not want to stay in your room, after walking you can relax in the restaurant with wonderful views of the Savannah with a glass of good wine. How much: $330-500 per day.