6 Haunted Hotels with Celebrity Guests – or Ghosts!
The countdown to Halloween has begun, and so has Count Chiku’s eerie mission to show you the scariest places around the country with his 666 Series . If you missed…

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Hotel Couture: hotels from famous fashion Houses
Round Hill Hotel&Villas Before magic hands of Ralph Lauren got to the hotel, he was no less famous. The first guests appeared in 1953 and the names of some are…

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The most famous haunted hotels


It should be noted that the UK is the only European country with the largest number of stories about ghosts. And it is logical to assume that most of the ghosts of England lives in the country’s largest city – London. Although smaller cities also have something to boast about.

Langham Hotel built in 1865 and located in London, obviously, the most famous hotel of the capital in which they live ghosts. Guests often see ghosts, but the most famous is the Ghost of room 333. According to guests, this room, they see a gray-haired gentleman, dressed in the outfit of the Edwardian. Who is this gentleman and what he can’t find peace, no one knows.

Holt Hotel was founded in 1475 in Oxfordshire and was a coaching Inn with six rooms. Now it has 86 comfortable rooms for guests. According to a story in 1754 at the hotel were killed by the owner and his wife. Blame in the murder of a Frenchman, and I see guests in the hotel rooms.

Selsdon Park Hotel received its first visitors in 1925. Until 1924, the house changed owners several times, but then it was bought by Alan Doble and opened a hotel. This is the first hotel which was equipped with an Elevator. The hotel privlekatelnoy Golf lovers, as it has an area of 200 acres specially equipped for this game. According to rumors the hotel has many ghosts, but most often I see a woman in gray robes, roaming the rooms and corridors. Some believe it’s the maid that ended life after she is left pregnant by the son of the owner.

In addition the UK boasts hotels with ghosts can and other countries.

In Sweden, in the town of småland, there is a small hotel Toftaholm Herrgrd. Being in a rural location, it attracts romantics wanting to relax surrounded by nature. But not many of the guests know the story, according to which, in the hotel there was a terrible event. Once the owner of the estate had a daughter that fell in love with one boy, but the girl’s father was against their relationship, and gave her in marriage to another. On the wedding day, the young man who loved a girl, hung herself in one of the rooms of the house, and since then it is often see in the hotel rooms.

In Canada there are two hotels that do not have as rich a history as the hotels of Europe, but is also known for its ghosts.

The Fairmont Hotel, which is located in Vancouver, known to those in the Elevator shaft with the spirit of one young girl in red, she died in 1944 in a car accident nearby. Sometimes, she leaves the Elevator shaft, and begins to wander the hotel, bringing terror to the servants and guests.

In Toronto there is a hotel Le Meridien King Edward. On the seventeenth floor, there is ballroom, which isn’t used any more. But if your room will be located next to the hall, then at night you can hear laughter and music coming from there.

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