Cats-residents 5-star hotels in the world
In the famous hotels settled and took root beautiful and kind cats Tradition to contain the cat in the hotel and use her incredible abilities in management (guest relation management)…

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Hotel Couture: hotels from famous fashion Houses
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Top 10: haunted Hotels

To believe or not to believe in the existence of supernatural forces is everybody’s business. But, if someone wants to get rid of the skepticism, or even more to ensure the presence of mysticism in our lives – welcome to one of the hotels, which I’ll discuss.

1. Asia Hotel Bangkok, Thailand

In Bangkok only the most desperate and courageous dare to stay in hotel Asia Hotel.Here, dim lighting, old rooms, which are able to scare themselves. But that’s not all: the middle of the night to your bed can suddenly sit down some sort of translucent figure, but as soon as you attempt to communicate with it – completely dissolved in the air.

2. Yu Shan Fan Dian Changsha, China

Anyone want to see the Ghost of a real Empress? If Yes, then definitely go to a trip to China. The town of Changsha, a 3-hour drive North of Beijing, is famous for its huge hotel Yu Shan Fan Dian with 220 rooms,located on the banks of the Yangtze river. In the past these lands belonged to the Royal dynasty, so the Empress Yu Shan still can’t calm down and tries to drive the aliens from their possessions. Her Ghost constantly see in many areas and in the Park.

3. Langham Hotel London, UK

Thrill-seekers should go to the UK – there you can find the most ghosts around the world. Ghosts was chosen by this European country – statistitics with a Ghost can be almost in every old house. We don’t even have to leave London: meet regularly with haunted guests five-star luxury capital Hotel Lanhham. Most often they see a certain white-haired gentleman, dressed in the costume of the era of king Edward. Usually he appears in room 333, but who is he and why can’t find peace, no one could not figure out.

4. Selsdon Park Hotel Surrey, UK

This respectable hotel is a magnificent old building with rich history, holds many secrets, I like to visit Golf fans (it is surrounded by beautiful playing fields).There is an opinion that is almost the most densely populated by the ghosts of the hotel Britannia. Most guests see the lady in gray, which easily passes through the thick stone walls and suddenly appears in the corridors and rooms. According to the legend, the young woman was in this house the maid and jumped out the window after the owner’s son left her pregnant. There is another legend about the other girl-the Ghost of the castle: it is considered the daughter of the family who owned the house until 1950-ies. She fell in love with one of the servants, and since father forbade her to marry him, she committed suicide.

5. Holt Hotel, Oxfordshire, UK

Most tourists come to Holt Hotel in Oxfordshire, in order to settle in one of the cosy rooms, see the local sights and enjoy the scenery in peace and tranquility. But some of the travelers it attracts ghosts. There is a legend that about four hundred years ago in this house, brutally killed the landlord and his wife. All the visitor had accused the Frenchman – he seduced an honest woman, which led to the bloody drama. Ever since then the Ghost of the murderer always appears in the rooms of the hotel.

6. Fairmont Hotel Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Canadian ghosts “much younger” British spirits living in the homes of the Old world for centuries. Having decided to spend a week or two at the Fairmont Hotel in Vancouver, you will surely meet a mysterious lady in red. In 1944 near this hotel there was a car accident, which killed a young lady and her soul still can’t find a way to the afterlife. Perhaps because she nothing remained but to settle in the Elevator shaft, which it leaves periodically,scaring the guests and employees of the hotel.

7. Le Meridien King Edward Toronto, Canada

Le Meridien King Edward is a luxurious hotel in Toronto, which welcomes guests for over 100 years. But by booking a room there, be prepared for the unexpected. In the old days on the 17th floor was a ball room, later closed and not used. But if your room is nearby, all night long until you will be heard music, laughing, talking, as if behind a wall in the midst of noisy merriment. To complain to the administrator no sense: to calm the spirits, he can not. What keeps ghosts in the walls have not a functioning ballroom, also no one knows.

8. Hotel El Convento San Juan, Puerto Rico

Latin America is a bundle of passions, intrigues, love, hatred and terrible revenge.And it is no surprise that in many old houses, preserved since colonial times, is home to many ghosts. One of the most charming and luxurious hotels on the continent – El Convento, located in the town of San Juan in Puerto Rico. This is a typical Spanish colonial spacious home with arches, terraces and the traditional patio. In the XVII century there lived a pious young Donna Anna. After the death of her beloved husband in battle with the Dutch, she dedicated herself to God, and his house was turned into a Carmelite convent. Then the monastery became a hotel, but the former owner still haunts the corridors and prays for the repose of the soul of her beloved husband and his colleagues.

9. The Taj Mahal Palace Mumbai, India

This is one of the most luxurious hotels Mumbai, the roof of which was often seen a Ghost. They say that it’s the spirit of the chief engineer, who created the project and of supervising its construction. Shortly before the delivery he had to go to France and when he returned, he saw that the building was not completed in his project. He is so upset that she committed suicide. Since then, and wanders through the roof and suffering that his plan, over which he labored many years, was not implemented.

10. Toftaholm Herrgrd Småland, Sweden

Ghosts can be found in many European countries. For example, in småland, located in a quiet Sweden. Rustic hotel situated in the picturesque place attracts romantics who want to spend a weekend in peace and calm of nature. But not everyone knows that in such a nice place when that horrible tragedy took place: a wealthy Baron, owner of the estate, had a beautiful daughter. In an evil hour she met a handsome nice fellow from the village and loved it. Father-the Baron, their relationship is not approved and forced the girl to marry another. On her wedding day lover boy, unable to bear separation from his beloved, hung himself in the bathroom, which is now room 324. They say his Ghost is still there.