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Wales, day, the first hotel in field, remains of a castle, and a haunted house.

In the trail behind me her husband became ill, the same symptoms. Tomorrow, guests arrive from Australia. They were transporting stray dogs. which have adopted English family. Yesterday the dogs were to be delivered to owners and guests stop the night with us, Tuesday to sail by ferry to France and then to return home to Australia. Other guests on next week refused, but I was glad, because on this day the food in the hospital, finished my tests, and I finally find out. I might cry, or maybe laugh.

Today I will tell a little about the first day in Wales where we went recently in honor of the anniversary of her husband. He wanted to go “far, and to be less people, and better in the field.” Bought at random, we have not been there. The first two days stayed in a boutique hotel, located directly in the field, in the historic town of Llandeilo.

This woman I later put on a face towel. but it is not good as it looked:) Then the hotel will show you the garden and liked the Breakfast.

Llandeilo is named after famous Christian Saint of the sixth century by the name of Talo.

It was so popular that his name were called the 45 seats, including one in Brittany.

There is a national nature reserve. on the territory of which preserved castle from the 12th century a great 18th century house. when the private estate, known for its ghosts.

Now it all belongs to the wildlife Fund South and West Wales. There we went immediately, as the car spent about three hours, and wanted to walk, exercise, and the weather was wonderful all three days.

People lived here long ago. In the Park found iron age farm, two Roman FORTS.

I was looking through the eyes of a deer living here, but I just came across a wool on earth.

Edward 1 took the power of the Welsh princes and the place became a possession of the English crown in 1276.

In 1425 it again came to power, the Welsh Gruffydd ap Nicholas.

His son, Rice AP Thomas slew Richard 3. and helped Henry Tudor become king of England. The rice was knighted. and received wealth and power in Wales.

All that he received under Henry 7, he lost under Henry 8.

Then he was executed in 1531, with no chance for justice in the hands of someone who will then behead two of his wives (Anne Boleyn in 1536 and Catherine Howard in 1542).

Daughter of Henry, Queen Mary (regulation 1553 – 1558), will give you later some of the family lands Fig. and Charles the First (ruled 1625 – 1649), and finally give them their all.

Family change the name to rice and will gradually buy back their land in 1659.

Went to castle Dynefwr. 12th century, through Lord Rhys

In Wales preserved the Welsh language, and everywhere you can see inscriptions on it next to the English.

I of course climbed to the top, soiled a new jacket

Went to Newton house where I was very interested to go.

Next to the house known grazing white cows, white park cattle, which are bred for several thousand years.

Wow the egg.

Newton house – the former residence of the family of Edward rice and his family. built in 1660 – ies.

In 1850 the house was rebuilt in the Gothic style. then popular.

The house was passed down through the family line, was plunged into the depths of the crisis, and even was abandoned and homeless settled here.

The house is currently owned by the national trust. who purchased it and put in order in 1990.

This house is known for its constantly see ghosts.

We came just before closing, so the house went together, and it left a memorable impression.

The staff speaks suddenly shut off and switch on the lights.

Often hear muffled voices in completely empty rooms.

Suddenly felt the smell of pipes or cigars.

Sometimes I see the boy and hear the children’s cries

Sometimes a Ghost dog.

More often than not, I see the Ghost of Lady Elinor Cavendish.

Lady Elinor was betrothed by force a family with a man she didn’t love and to escape him she sought refuge at the home of the sisters living here at that time.

One day an angry fan got into the house strangled Elinor. It was in 1720.

I often see her peeking from behind the corner.

That is the woman I saw, she looked out from behind the corner and hid when he saw me, I told your husband about this, but we thought it was probably a worker of a tea.

Tea is at once the former billiard room.

We know that many visitors when you walk in the house feel suddenly ill.

The hunger I felt nothing.

On the contrary in the house I had an unusual burst of energy, and I didn’t want to leave, but the house was closed.

Already before he left, he cried – “Larissa, deer!”

I darted, and has not been able to find a room where her husband’s name was.

It turns out he went out on this beautiful balcony

Here opened like a scene from a fairy tale.

We decided to get out of the house and see deer closer.

Stood in absolute silence, afraid to scare them.

During the filming of the program about ghosts here many of the crew also became ill for no reason, and some saw the Ghost of a woman.

Found some gear about this house and the ghosts. anyone interested look.

Good luck this week friends!