Top 10: haunted Hotels
To believe or not to believe in the existence of supernatural forces is everybody's business. But, if someone wants to get rid of the skepticism, or even more to ensure…

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Unusual or Ata Fiera hotel in Milan
Our next trip to Milan, put the main purpose of the business program of the exhibition of Fiera Milano. Therefore, we chose a hotel in the city but as close…

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Unusual hotels of the world

Want to relax in a fancy hotel, here is a selection of hotels that will be able to surprise anyone.

Hotel – Parus. The hotel “Burj al Arab” in Dubai – one of the most expensive hotels in the world. The hotel is located in the sea at a distance of 280 meters offshore on an artificial lake connected to the mainland by a bridge. In form it resembles a sail.

The hotel beacon. In Scotland at Cape Cornwall is a unique hotel – a lighthouse that looks across the Irish sea. The hotel still operates as a beacon, his entire work is completely automated, so the lighthouse Keeper here.

The hotel of ice. There are ice hotels in Sweden and Canada, as well as in the Alps and the Pyrenees. We will tell you about hotels in the Alps and Perinea, this is a real Igloo, decorated with sculptures and designers. Each year the villages hold the needle again from 3000 tons of snow. This eco-friendly housing from snow or ice blocks. Standard house accommodates up to 6 people. Guests sleep in sleeping bags, not too cold and at minus 40.

The hotel is in the pipe. In Austria the sewer pipes local architect had the idea to use under a small cozy room. The walls of the pipes are painted by local young artist and create a joyful mood. The rooms have sockets and sledovatelskim. Thanks to the combination lock at this hotel not even reception, guests can choose to open the door. Fixed price for overnight no, the rule is “pay what you want”. To live in such rooms is possible from may to October. Currently, such hotel opened in the pipe and in Germany.

The hotel is dog. In Idaho there is a Cottonwood, the pride of local inhabitants, it is placed inside a giant wooden dog. This hotel is able to accommodate four people in two bedrooms. The hotel has a shop selling cooked them all kinds of size wooden figures of dogs of various breeds.

The hotel of salt. This hotel is located in Bolivia. Contains 15 bedrooms, a dining room, common room and bar. Salt here is made all – the roof, floors, walls, furniture. In the rainy season the walls strengthened with new blocks of salt.

Underwater hotel. This hotel is named “Jules Verne” and is located off the coast of Florida. It consists of one room, designed for one small family. To access the hotel you must scuba dive to the seabed. It also serves to hold the ceremony of marriage registration.