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An unusual hotel in this grotto

Romantic area, arranged in this grotto overlooking the Adriatic sea. In the Apulia region the natural cave was converted into an elegant hotel and restaurant

Visitors unusual restaurant offers a beautiful view of the crystal blue waters of Polignano a Mare (Polignano A Mare), the province of Bari. The largest grotto in the area Palazzese grotto (Grotta Palazzese) certainly is impressive in itself. But once in the heart of the enterprising residents staged a restaurant, this place was a real gem of the region.

Palazzese grotto is the largest and best known of the eighty natural caves that interrupt the rocky coast near the tourist town of Polignano, which resides only 17 000 inhabitants. From the road access to the grotto only by climbing a steep staircase carved directly into the rock.

In this place the sea washed two large natural openings. It’s a huge semi-circular “room” with a diameter of about 30 meters, which gave the restaurant. He fit perfectly into the atmosphere of ancient POISKOVO village with its white houses, straight streets and spectacular sea views from steep cliffs.

However, the owners of the restaurant first came up with ispolzovatblizhny grotto for their own purposes. In the past he played the role of a ballroom, which held receptions, worthy of Versailles. At least, so claimed in 1730-ies of the Neapolitan Duke Leto, he’s the owner of Polignano. Then he allowed the inhabitants of the adjacent villages to use the grotto for organizing important events. Since then, the cave became a meeting place for high society of the region.

After the French revolution and the abolition of feudalism grotto a few abandoned. But still every year during the summer period from may to September it returned to life. In addition to running the restaurant, which we have already mentioned, there is a 4* hotel Hotel Grotta Palazzese . Adjacent to the grotto the rocks are 20 guest rooms with views of the Adriatic sea and the historic centre of Polignano a Mare. And the restaurant with limestone arch is arranged in the grotto, and “looks” also the Adriatic sea. All the furniture and food utensils made exclusively from natural materials, much as possible to “disguise” it in the natural environment.

As for the price range of the hotel, the average cost of a double room in summer season 2014 140€ per night. Dinner in the restaurant will cost approximately 100€ per person. Certainly this hotel can be recommended to all romantics and lovers, for example, for a honeymoon or surprise for a loved one.

How to get to the Grotto Palazzese?

Polignano a Mare is about 40 km from Bari and 300 km from Naples at the beginning of “heel”.

In a rented or own car. Rent a car in Italy is around 50-70 euros a day.

The road on the local train from Bari to Monopoli city will take 23-33 minutes. The ticket costs 3,1 Euro, trains leave every half-hour. You can buy the ticket directly at the train station in Bari ticket machines. From Monopoli to Polignano a Mare can be reached by taxi for 10-15 euros.

Train station Monopoli from Rome (Roma) or Naples (Napoli) with a stopover in Bari (Bari) will take about 5 hours.

By plane to Bari airport direct flight from Rome, Milan, Venice, Barcelona or Monaco, and from there hired a car to Polignano a Mare.

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