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The haunted hotel

This business activity may be unusual, but very successful.

If you have a cottage, located near the city (for example, at a distance of thirty miles), it can be turned into a special haunted hotel. Such stories are found in numerous horror films.

The basis of this business idea is the Thriller “April fool Day”. Of course, this film can be called boring, but the idea is great. The main heroine inherited the house from his father and wants to make there own hotel. Girl wants to create a hotel that will remind the rides. One couple came to the house to conduct its own weekend. She knows what it takes to prepare for something special, but nothing more is known. The organizers of the project must first frighten their clients, and then to amuse them. As a result, the clients must be happy.

So what should you do?

First of all, no need to use special equipment, which can be very expensive. You will only need the monitors and surveillance cameras to ensure that you have followed the territory and for all the guests.

Consult a professional actor who has to play the role of a serial killer. It will need to dress in a special costume. Thanks this will “revive” the interior, which at first will seem gloomy. Veligosti will start to fear.

The main features of your hotel with ghosts, must become candles (electricity, of course, will be, but in reality it’s redundant), many cracked mirrors, faux cobwebs, masks, photographs of corpses that need to be hung on the wall. Want to achieve credibility? Then you will need jokes. For example, door handles can fall off, Windows will open and close on their own, artificial fall of plaster from the ceiling, lock the castle doors, the light that will be switched on and off. Note that the light can only be in the room your guests. Special attention to music. You can do a special column that will produce different sounds from a parallel world. You can twist the girls shouting, a child crying, the loud roar of animals. This will only escalate the atmosphere. For additional tension, choose red lights for garden, home.

Actor maniac will have to walk at night around the house and garden. Visitors must think that only they are in the building. So, the organizers of business should take an advance payment from their guests, and then to observe on monitors. In addition, he saw a rustling in the garden, shining on the Windows of the room, leaving traces of blood, which may be artificial, shoot from a special gun.

For the credibility hang in the region of the ad, according to which a maniac and kills people.

Outside the house need to be painted black, which is always associated with everything gloomy. Astarte the building!

In principle, this is enough to start.

Promotion should not be your problem. Ads must be submitted on the radio, in local Newspapers, placing adverts on the Internet. It is possible that your guests will talk about a haunted hotel to their friends.

This business project is expensive and risky, but it is original and could be interesting for people! The initial capital shall amount to 70 thousand dollars. Profit for the year can reach ten thousand dollars. As a result, the payback period will be about seven years old, but you can try to start doing this business!