Hotel Saint - Tropez *****
The hotel opened in 1936, at the time when Saint-Tropez, the small picturesque fishing village, still have not received the status of world-famous resort. The facilities – a private beach…

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Hotels on Nevsky Prospekt, St. Petersburg
Especially popular among guests of our city hotels are located on the Nevsky Prospekt. And all that mystical spirit seething Nevsky prospect attracts huge number of tourists and visitors, along…

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Other famous haunted hotels

The hotel Dalhousie Castle in Edinburgh

Scotland boasts the Ghost of lady Catherine, in Edinburgh, in the old Dalhousie Castle. Enjoy this transparent lady, rustling skirts through the night corridors, talks about his death on the soil of unrequited love. Begins his story, it is usually a welcome guest at the patting on the back.

Castle hotel Ballygally in Northern Ireland

Ballygally castle was built in 1625. One of the people who lived here was James Shaw (James Shaw), husband of Lady Isobel, who’s had a fight with her husband. The show concluded with his wife in the gun tower from where she jumped out and crashed. Lady Isobel has been active in the castle, often appearing in front of the guests and night, knocking on doors of guests. While James is rumored, poisoned in the castle. Another Ghost of Madame Nixon see in an elegant dress in the middle of the corridors. Playful children’s laughter can also be heard in different parts of the castle.

The hotel Skirrid Mountain Inn, Llanvihangel Crucorney in the UK

This hotel is perhaps the most densely populated by the ghosts of all of the above. Here, supposedly inhabited by the ghosts of all the prisoners who were executed by hanging in the attic rafters of this building in the year 1110. To book a room in this hotel is recommended only to those who possess nerves of steel: at night it can feel variostream throat. Tellingly, its traces are visible then another in the afternoon.

The Talbot in England

Castle Fotheringay Castle was built circa 1100. With him was associated a vivid story — here was born Richard III, there was the trial of Mary Stuart, after which she was beheaded. For 1600 years the castle fell into disrepair and was soon destroyed, but its parts were saved, including an oak staircase from the castle, which fell into the nearby great Talbot in Angle. According to legend, Mary Queen of Scots walked down the ladder to his execution, leaving a trace in the shape of a crown his ring. Her Ghost was seen descending the stairs, the furniture in the hotel moves, and her picture falls off the wall regularly.

The Queen Mary, California

Queen Mary is a high class ocean liner Cunard Line. During the Second World war it was repainted in grey and used to transport troops, but after the war he continued to make transatlantic flights. Queen Mary was withdrawn from service in 1967 and for all delivered to the dock in long beach, California, where she became a floating hotel. Dozens of people died on the ship for all the years of his service, including two men, crushed by door of motor compartment.

Often the pool people see ghostly women dressed in bathing suits 1930-ies, sometimes a phone call, but nobody on the other end of the tube and at night heard cries of babies. Unlike other hotels that try not to mention his paranormal history, the Queen Mary hosts daily tours, which tells the stories about ghosts.

Sydney Russell Hotel

The hotel Russell in Australia served as a hospital during epidemics of bubonic plague and smallpox, and then served as a place of refuge for sailors. As it turned out, at least one sailor refused to leave the hotel. Guests living in the 8th room, say they Wake up in the middle of the night feeling that someone was hanging over their bed and staring at them intently. Others have seen the ghosts of prostitutes wandering the corridors.

The Grand Hyatt Hotel in Taipei

Luxurious Grand Hyatt Hotel in the Taiwanese capital Taipei was built on the place where during the Second World war, Japanese troops served as a pow camp and a place of execution. Now their spirits come out to walk along the wide corridors of the hotel. In order to protect guests from these meetings, rooms and halls of the building are decorated with numerous images of saints, bells, amulets, and Buddhist Scriptures.

Hotel Tokyo Akasaka Weekly Mansion

The Japanese are always serious about the ghosts, and Tokyo is home to a terrifying spirit who appears normal until his close people Noperapon (Noppera-bō). When the spirit turns to the man, his face is completely smooth, without eyes, nose and mouth. One of the most popular haunted places in Tokyo is the Akasaka weekly, mansen — apartments for longer stays, guests claim to have seen ghostly mists, visions, and the feeling of someone’s hands touching them during sleep.

Another Japanese hotel Hoshi Ryokan in Komatsu — belonged to a Japanese family for 46 generations. Ancient spirits who belong to the 14th century. Throughout the hotel you can find a lot of magical artifacts. The hotel is the worst hotel in Japan.

Philippine Diplomat Hotel

Since 1911, this building served as a Seminary, but during the Second world war it took the fleeing deserters from the Japanese army. As a result, the building was blown up by Japanese troops, causing massive destruction and death. In 1873 the building was purchased the network Diplomat Hotels. Staff and guests at night were heard strange sounds, and often faced with unexplained phenomena. The hotel was closed after the death of his Manager, but people still come here to “communicate” with spirits.