The most unusual hotels in the world
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Unusual or Ata Fiera hotel in Milan
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Unusual hotels of Italy

Want to visit Italy and make interesting even stay in the room? Then you should visit the most unusual hotels in Italy.

One of these hotels is the hotel Trulli. This hotel has a unique building with a conical roof. Such hotels are found in southern Italy. These hotels are world heritage of UNESCO, but very popular for tourists. Trulli hotels – this bunk house with rooms directly under the roof. Rooms in these hotels are small, but always with a separate bathroom and toilet. In such hotels, which are cheaper than to book a Hotel Extravaganza. ideal conditions, even without air conditioning due to thick walls. In winter, these walls protect from the cold, and in summer they provide cool.

One of the most famous three stars hotels Italy is Perugia hotel “Etruscan Chocohotel”, in which not only is held every year the festival of chocolate, but all chocolate is made with motive. All rooms are candy, candy bars, and chocolate bars. Each floor corresponds to a particular type of chocolate: milk, dark, nutty. You can stay in any of the chocolate area, to choose from. Menu of restaurant specific, in addition to the usual lunch and dinner, there is a huge selection shokoladnyjj. It’s chocolate cakes, various pieces of chocolate. In the hotel you can even buy chocolate gifts: chocolate cosmetics, books, dishes, clothes. It’s so unusual and strange that many go to this hotel if only just to look at it. But not no one is disappointed!

Five-star Boutique hotel Villa Las Tronas, is very popular among leisure guests to Alghero. The town lies on the North-West of Sardinia and invites you to relax by the sea in a castle of the 19th century. Before this castle was a Royal residence, and later began to stop the different famous people. Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton and many others appreciated the beauty and comfort of the castle. Now a luxury hotel, equipped with TV, air conditioning, Internet, swimming pools, Parking and even a Spa. Here you can hot tub and gym. All this is not cheap, so, to rent a Guest house On Chestnut will cost 2-3 times more expensive. This is the perfect place where you can feel like a Prince or Princess.

Italy is a wonderful country that fascinates not only for its landmarks but also the beauty and originality of its hotels. In Italy you can relax.

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