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Legendary hotel Sacher (Vienna)

In ancient times the inhabitants of the Kingdom Austria-Hungary decided to find out what dish is the main treasure of the national cuisine. This was a list of dishes-candidates, which included: the Wiener schnitzel, Apple strudel and Hungarian goulash. But once the list was compiled, a scandal erupted. It turned out that the drafters forgot about the main culinary miracle of his country – the Sacher cake. But the name of Franz Sacher inscribed in the culinary history of Austria-Hungary in large chocolate letters…

It all started with a cake…

The first is the magical delicacy tasted the famous Chancellor, who was called the “coachman of Europe”, most mighty Prince von Metternich.

Rather, tell me the name of this magician-chef, ispackage this masterpiece! – exclaimed the politician.

Is Sacher, replied the courtiers.

On the same day a novice cook became famous throughout the country. To this day about the founder of a dynasty of confectioners and hoteliers resembles a plaque with his name. The hotel was founded by the son of the Sacher, but in recent decades the owners were a family Elizabeth Gurtler.

Only this family has all the rights to sell this Sacher torte. Interestingly, tasteless copy of it in the Soviet times was sold in cookery the Moscow restaurant “Budapest”. Although that’s surprising,because the original cake recipe over one hundred years kept secret.

The oldest hotel of Europe once was called Hotel de l’opera, as it is located in close proximity to the famous Vienna Opera. Still here to stay like the stars of Opera and their fans coming to hear the premiere performances. Next door to hotel Sacher is located in the Belvedere (the magnificent Museum of art history), Spanish riding school and Albertina Museum, which houses the largest collection of world graphic.

A few years ago famous their reputation and level of service the hotel won the same rank – were added a pair of mansard floors with spacious terraces and balconies.

Forty-three new rooms are very different from the old interior rooms of the lower floors, decorated with theatrical sophistication and even named after famous operas – suites “Ekaterina Kabanova”, “the Magic flute” and “Madame butterfly”. New rooms at the Sacher for a man younger and a bit more energy. Such guests are able to appreciate your morning coffee or evening champagne on the spacious terraces and baths with romantic views of the old Viennese roofs. Impressive and well-designed lighting system.

But in General, of course, new attic floors retain the old style at the hotel Sacher. In the corridors, on the advice of the famous French decorator Pierre-Yves Rochon posted paintings and drawings, which is famous the hotel in the early XX century, during the reign of his most famous mistresses – Anna Sacher.

The walls of the living rooms of the first floor is decorated with photographs of celebrities who once nakamuraza in restaurants Saturday Tafelspitz – boiled beef is amazing. You must try this dish, visit to Rote Bar of the hotel, from whose Windows you will enjoy views of the Vienna Opera.

The hotel Sacher also offers its visitors a visit to salt treatments and herbal saunas. But there is an unusual service – Hot Chocolate Treatment. For a start, you will be sent into the steam room, then lay on the couch and make a light relaxing massage, and at the very end from head to toe, covered with chocolate. And the whole day after this procedure, you will delight in your rejuvenated skin coming from her and the aroma of the famous Austrian chocolate.