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Our city was founded as a frontier fortress for protection from the raids of the "Kirghiz-kaisak Horde" the ruler of the Orenburg region I. order of Queen Yelizaveta in 1743…

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The hotel Dalhousie Castle in Edinburgh Scotland boasts the Ghost of lady Catherine, in Edinburgh, in the old Dalhousie Castle. Enjoy this transparent lady, rustling skirts through the night corridors,…

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6 Haunted Hotels with Celebrity Guests – or Ghosts!

The countdown to Halloween has begun, and so has Count Chiku’s eerie mission to show you the scariest places around the country with his 666 Series . If you missed the first post, head over here for a vampire hunt !

In the second of three hair-raising articles, Count Chiku shows you where to sleep with ghosts – and famous guests – at 6 haunted hotels!

Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel –  Los Angeles, CA

The historic Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel was home to the very first Academy Awards ceremony, and now it is rumored to be home to old Hollywood ghosts! Many visitors have reported spotting a blonde woman in a full-length mirror – the same mirror that used to be in Marilyn Monroe’s poolside suite. Is it Marilyn in the mirror? Head to Hollywood to see for yourself!

The Pfister Hotel –  Milwaukee, WI

Photo by John Zacherle / Flickr

Are you afraid of the dark? Some Major League Baseball players sure are – at least at The Pfister Hotel  in Milwaukee! The spooky sounds and creepy incidents, from windows unexplainably opening to clothes strewn about the room in the middle of the night, have led several professional athletes to resort to sleeping in the lobby or making reservations at a different hotel altogether.

How to get there: Sleep with a bat by your bed at The Pfister at 424 East Wisconsin Avenue, Milwaukee, WI 53202. Take the trip to Milwaukee from Chicago , Minneapolis , Ann Arbor , St. Louis. and many more locations !

The Skirvin Hilton –  Oklahoma City, OK

Photo by Matthew Rutledge (edited) / Flickr

Perhaps the biggest home court advantage for the Oklahoma City Thunder is not their arena, but The Skirvin Hilton. Most visiting NBA teams stay at this hotel when in town  – and many have sleepless nights, thanks to supernatural sounds keeping them awake! According to The New York Times. Effie the housekeeper is the spectre haunting the halls of The Skirvin and playing nocturnal games with many NBA stars.

How to get there: Check into The Skirvin Hilton at 1 Park Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73102 and see if you can guard ghosts better than Derrick Rose. Book a ticket to OKC from Dallas. Austin. Kansas City , St. Louis  and many other cities !

The Heathman Hotel –  Portland, OR

Photo by Melissa Doroquez (edited) / Flickr

If you don’t want to get in bed with a ghost, avoid rooms that end in “03″ at The Heathman Hotel in Portland, OR. Guests of those rooms have reported unusual occurrences, including a spooky face appearing in the dark or even feeling a presence in their beds! However, famous fictional guests Anastasia and Christian seemed to enjoy the beds at The Heathman in Fifty Shade of Grey .

How to get there:  Pull your covers tight and spend the night at The Heathman at 1001 SW Broadway, Portland, Oregon 97205, an easy trip from Seattle. San Francisco. Vancouver and beyond !

Westgate Las Vegas –  Las Vegas, NV

Photo by Rhett Sutphin (edited) / Flickr

The Westgate Las Vegas  has had many incarnations, formerly the Las Vegas Hilton and then the Las Vegas Hotel, but through all the changes, one famous guest has remained – The King. Elvis used to perform regularly when it was the Las Vegas Hilton, and apparently he has never left the building and remains in the penthouse suite.

How to get there:  Experience your own Elvis sighting at the Westgate Las Vegas. just off the strip at 3000 S. Paradise Road, Las Vegas, NV, 89109. Book a trip from Los Angeles. San Diego. San Francisco. Phoenix and even more places !

The Stanley Hotel –  Estes Park, CO

Photo by paurian (edited) / Flickr

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, so take a trip out to the Rocky Mountain Wilderness and stay at the hotel that inspired  The Shining.  Stephen King was a guest at The Stanley Hotel  for only one night but experienced enough spooky incidents to fill his terrifying novel. Though  The Shining movie was not filmed at the hotel, you can visit The Stanley to star in your own scary story!

How to get there:  The frightening incidents at The Stanley are only amplified by the fact that the hotel is isolated at 333 East Wonderview Avenue, Estes Park, CO 80517. To get out there, book a bus ticket to Fort Collins. CO, then rent a car for an hour drive to the most famous haunted hotel in America.