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Cats-residents 5-star hotels in the world
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Hotel Central

Our city was founded as a frontier fortress for protection from the raids of the “Kirghiz-kaisak Horde” the ruler of the Orenburg region I. order of Queen Yelizaveta in 1743 in Holy Trinity day. The city was destined to become a “window to Asia” – the realization of the dreams of Peter the great, and one of the first Russian towns, constructed by a “regular” urban development plan. Favorable geographical position at the junction of the Ural mountains, the Siberian taiga and Kazakh steppes, through the ancient caravan roads, connecting more with the bronze age Mesopotamia UY and Uvelka with the Great silk road, allowed the city to become a third center of trade fairs in the country after the Nizhny Novgorod and Irbit.

In 1774 the fortress by storm was taken by the troops of Yemelyan Pugachev. Still at the Holy Trinity Cathedral preserved traces of the rebels. The Cathedral houses the venerated icon of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker, was baptized there on the fabulist Ivan Krylov. The city was visited by the crown Prince – the future Emperor Nicholas II, was born here an outstanding lawyer F. N. Plevako, created the most famous poets and writers: G. Tukay, M. Gafuri, A. B. Klimov and Streams.

Troitsk is called “Museum under the open sky”. Here nahadisainerina number of monuments of history and architecture of the southern Urals, one of the best examples of which is our hotel.

According to the legend, a merchant Guild I, Gabriel A. Bashkirov in 1908, being at the Nizhny Novgorod fair, being drunk, made a bet with three local merchants that in the southern Urals, in Troitsk, where he held large trading sites, stock a magnificent hotel with first-class restaurant. At that time in Troitsk were only Inns third-rate Yes-furnished rooms, said the merchants.

To win the bet, Bashkirov decided to build a modern hotel. Spare no money, he purchased the land, ordered the project of the famous architect, in three shifts, organized work and supply of materials. Through the year, the summer fair, an impressive building in the style of Russian art Nouveau appeared before the eyes of astonished the disputants. In 1916 the Reserve was proposed to sell the building under the Bank for 185 thousand roubles in gold, a huge sum in those days, failure Bashkirov was highly appreciated by the citizens as a sign of respect to their city. So the fortress merchant’s words gave to the city a jewel of architecture!

Welcome to the sunniest city in Russia, because according to official statistics, the sun shines over Trinity 2218 more hours per year, more than in the black sea resorts in the country, and the dry steppe air treatment possesses rare healing properties.

We hope that your stay in our hotel will be the same Sunny and favorable, and we, as a hundred years ago, in the best traditions of Russian hospitality will make this all possible!