In Germany has opened an unusual hotel for lovers of secluded relaxation
If to penetrate the mind of the average person, thinking about summer vacation, you will see many things: the Crimean resorts, the beaches of the Egyptian, Greek hotels, French casino.…

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The most expensive hotels in the Maldives
The Maldives are notoriously expensive holiday destination. Any, even the most budget trip here is expensive. There are virtually no hotels of category 3 stars. The majority of Islands is…

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Unusual hotels of the past year

The hotel industry around the world is growing rapidly especially in the last decade. This contributes to the opening of the new star hotels under well-known brands. But more modest accommodation facilities contribute to a large variety of hotels, especially if they are not the usual services. So let’s look at the five most unusual hotels in the world for 2014.

First place went to French hotel La Villa Hamster. In truth, this is not a hotel in the conventional sense. The hotel has only one room, total area 16 sq. m. feature of the hotel is that the room reproduces an enlarged hamster cage. It has everything to make guests feel like true rodents: a ladder, a sofa, stuffed with sawdust, feeders, waterers, and a real joy hamster – wheel. Recognized as the team of the hotel, all that is required of guests is to indulge in a carefree, relaxed life. To be a rodent for 150 dollars a day.

On the second place ranking is a luxury underwater hotel in Fiji Islands Poseidon Undersea Resort. This unique hotel is indeed under water, a depth of 12 meters. The hotel is equipped with in the former submarine station, which is completely reconstructed and reequipped. As the developers say, the inspiration for the creation of this unusual hotel was a novel by Jules Verne 000 leagues under the sea. The hotel is almost 70 percent transparent but sturdy glass, from which made the walls and ceiling in the underwater hotel. Thus, visitors to the hotel literally surrounded by marine life. Reportedly, the cost of accommodation in the hotel is about 2 000 dollars a day.

Third place ranking is an unusual hotel in Germany, Propeller Island City Lodge. Each room at this hotel is like another, and because all the rooms are works of art, guests can spend the night in the Museum. Actually, this unusual hotel – a creation of German artist Lars Stroschen. Each room is break free and a dream come true. It has everything that may be in the subconscious of every human being from the room for lovers of bondage and torture, to the abstract world of childhood fantasies. The cost of accommodation varies from rooms, from 69 to 115 euros per person. The most expensive room, strangely empty room with a mattress on the floor and window.

Another unusual hotel Das Park in Austria. This hotel is unique in that its rooms are set in concrete sewer pipes, which look very unattractive. However, the decor inside the rooms are quite comfortable and cozy. The size of the room is 2 square meters which houses a double bed, bedside table, table lamp and storage space for suitcases. It is noteworthy that the cost of living in the room not fixed: guests pay the amount at which they themselves appreciated the stay. On average, this amounts to 50 euros per day.

The most extreme conditions recognized to be of unusual and creepy hotel Australia The Jail. The hotel is located in the former prison building, that the owners didn’t think to convert. On the contrary, all the conditions of detention saved. In the cells left of the grille, and Breakfast is no different from a real prison meal. Especially get into character helps the toilet, standing right beside the bed – such a romanticism will last you a lifetime with interest, recognized guests. However, it is not necessary to become a visitor of this unusual hotel, to get acquainted with detention conditions. Especially impressionable can for a small fee just to walk through to the inner room of this unusual hotel.