The Hotel "Grand Budapest"
The film of such a plan could be superficial and silly, but the Director decided to shoot this film with taste, and he seems to have a bit of fun,…

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The haunted hotel
This business activity may be unusual, but very successful. If you have a cottage, located near the city (for example, at a distance of thirty miles), it can be turned…

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Unusual or Ata Fiera hotel in Milan

Our next trip to Milan, put the main purpose of the business program of the exhibition of Fiera Milano. Therefore, we chose a hotel in the city but as close as possible to the exhibition, which, as you know, is located in the suburbs of Milan. Previously we took a simple hotel in the center, but the daily trip to the metro in 30-40 minutes in RUSH hour a little tired. This time we chose the hotel ATA Fiera 4* This large, new, clean and bright hotel, convenient for visitors to the exhibition RHO Fiera Milano. In case you have a lot of congresses, forums and meetings, for the 5 days we spent in the ATA Fiera 4* passed, probably 3 different events, but everything is organized very well and no jostling crowds or on the first floor. The hotel is very large, most of the time it is empty, and during events he is filled with life.

Among the shortcomings can only offer its remote location from the city center, and the infrastructure around.

Of the advantages and much more, first of all free Shuttle buses to the exhibition and back and more pleasant to the nearest metro Station Molino Dorino and back. All visitors of the hotel as VIP guests to deliver a completely free minibus to the metro station, a trifle, but nice. Who wants to go there 10 minutes or 800 meters, but normal tracks nice paths and also idolatory. Who does not want that the Shuttle uses.

The rooms are spacious, new furniture, elegant style, the room is divided into three zones with glass partitions, which means that if you have two, you can find complete solitude and silence, if required. Our room was overlooking the Golf course and pond for a city hotel this is a luxury unheard of to see a sea of green under the window. New plumbing, nothing flowed, everything worked as it should. In the bath with hair dryer, shower, bathtub, bidet, phone. The room is really big bed on which two people cannot simply find each other)) with the first Russian TV channel. Two bedside tables, tea table, which served a tray with 5 kinds of tea and coffee, and tea for two persons and changed daily. Mini fridge, where free put 2 bottles of water with gas and without. Recreation area near the window are two chairs and a table.

The restaurant was pleasantly pleased with the portion size, the prices are at first confused, I imagined how would look like this dish and I thought the price a little vysokovaty…. But when they brought my order, all doubts flew away. Very tasty and very much, never order more than 2 dishes. The bar on the ground floor of everything on the menu and paid, but for each drink, a nice complement, for example, ordered tea… you’ll get cookies as a gift… Ordered a cognac, a gift of chocolate dessert…

Finally, the availability of the hotel for sightseeing, as I said this is the outskirts of Milan, and the centre need to get either the subway or by taxi. From the underground Molino Dorino to the main square of Milan around 20 minutes, or about 10 stations with very short intervals. Metro ticket is 1.5 Euro, so we rode through the city, when it was free time.

I personally don’t like Milan, and so in a day we pulled into Venice Central station, this is really beautiful…. And Milan is for shopping and fashion.

Well, the last. On a ratio the price quality – five! for money paid for a gorgeous room at the ATA Fiera 4* you will be able to offer bug-infested, in the center, it tested on their own experience. So I can recommend it not only for visitors but also for those who appreciate comfort and quiet.

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