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The Marina Bay Sands in Singapore

All people are divided into two categories: those who like hotels and those who coforta home. I love to travel and stay in new places. In Singapore, this new place was one of the most beautiful hotels in the world — famous Marina Bay Sands. The hotel is located in the centre of a huge metropolis.

A unique feature of the hotel is a huge platform that rests on three towers height of 200 meters. The end point is located at a height of 55 floors. All roof deck is huge — more than 12 thousand square meters. The pool itself is the longest in the world among the ground. Its length is 150 meters. On the roof, in addition to the pool and the observation deck, there are clubs, restaurants and large Park.

The first time I got to the hotel, where so many people. Registration is almost always a long queue in the airport to passport control. This is not surprising, because in the hotel is more than 2 500 rooms.

This suspension design invented and created by renowned English sculptor Antony Gormley. The sculpture is made in the form of web. In her 16 000 itemsand it weighs nearly 15 tons. Worked on it 60 working.

Very beautiful elevators.

The design of corridors and room doors pretty quiet, but very stylish. Huge doors, lots of wood and soft carpet on the floor create cosiness

We decided to take the double room for two. At registration we were offered a little extra and get a view of the Bay.

I almost always choose hotels by two main factors: the location and design of the rooms. Like in Marina Bay Sands in Singapore — it’s almost my ideal. No luxury, but a clear straight lines, soft colors, large headboard of the bed and stunning views from the panoramic Windows.

Here’s a view from the day room 326 $ a day.

Bathroom is also a reference, I really like the design.

Workplace blogger.

Different important details.

The view from the window in Sunny weather is quite different. We were lucky and a few days saw a different Singapore.

Past this building hard to get lovers of the brand Louis Vuitton. This is a huge two-story shop of unique products. Men’s and women’s clothes are sold on the ground floor. The entire second floor is fully equipped for travellers: travelling bags and suitcases and various accessories.

Let’s move on to the fun resort with a swimming pool on the roof. The water here is constantly updated: it drains into a special compartment of vodootvedenie, is filtered and re-enters the pool.

The water is very warm almost like a bath. It is heated in a special compartment and for the warm “send” in the pool.

Do not be afraid to fall. At the bottom, just behind the pool, has a terrace on which people walk. So far to fall will not work.

I am rarely in Asian countries, so for the first time noticed how they totally using swimming suits.

The most popular places in restaurants is the terrace located on the perimeter. Strange, but when in the evening I came here with my tripod, I was not allowed to use it. Supposedly the rule is. Most likely the flow of tourists is so huge that if all used tripods, these visitors was nothing to be seen.

It is very convenient to relax a small company.

Near the hotel is Marina Bay Sands Garden by the Bay. To the left are two greenhouses. The first is called the Flower Dome, it contains all the plants of the Mediterranean. The second is called the Cloud Forest. It collected tropical plants from Africa, Australia and South America. See the pond at the bottom of the frame? It collapsed my quadrocopter DJI Phantom Vision+ because of the glitch.

Next to the greenhouses are steel trees (SuperTree Grove). The height of artificial trees up to 50 meters. Between them is the bridge, and installed on top of the observation deck. At night the entire Park is illuminated by artificial lights. It turns out quite nicely.

On the rooftop is great to watch the sunset.

From the window I see almost the largest port in the world. For Singapore residents this important place. In addition to tourism, Maritime transportation and water cruises are the primary form of income.

With each minute the city is changing. The sun is out, and the buildings are lit up by lights.