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Unusual hotels of Riga

Small Latvia with its soft climate, Baltic beaches and numerous attractions every year attracts many tourists. Riga, Jurmala – Latvia tourist in these gems come our countrymen and many foreigners. There are hundreds of variety of hotels of different classes and surroundings.

Not so long ago we asked our readers what unusual hotels exist in the capital of Latvia. And today we bring you four unusual hotel Riga and one hotel Jurmala as a bonus.

1. Our first hotel – the 4 star Elefant hotel (price per night from 1450 rubles). Today Elefant . perhaps the most popular hotel in Riga – conducted a survey about which hotels are worth a visit, Elefant took undisputed first place – it was advised by most.

2. This popularity is due not only to great service, interesting design, but also affordable prices. In addition, here everything is new – the hotel opened in mid-2012.

Elefant hotel is ideally located between Riga city centre and the airport. It is just a short drive from the airport to the Old Town. And even though Riga the city is small, cosy and compact, the taste of some, Elefant is located far from the center,(unless of course the 15 minute bus ride that long). It is located in the area of Pardaugava (pārdaugava). Near huge shopping malls, a five minute walk Rimi, a little further Maxima, local giants trade.

3. Elefant – quality Quartet with a special ambiance, its zest and its own mascot, a 6-foot elephant-giant, who lived in the restaurant. My question is, why as a symbol of the hotel chose the elephant, the administrator said that the elephant is a symbol of peace and coziness and embodies hospitality. Although the idea of making the elephant a symbol of the hotel is not new – around the world there are many hotels with a similar name.

4. Giant elephant made of plaster and hollow inside. About how a giant carried out a workshop in the city and dragged inside the hotel there is a whole video presentation, which from time to time show at the reception is an impressive sight (unfortunately, the video in the network not found). To the elephant are gentle – it is a full member of the hotel team, his impressive character.

At one time the hotel allowed the visitors to leave the elephant for their autographs, but then this idea have refused, and now the symbol of the hotel again belehaki. Probably for the best, the collective “Vasya was here” are rarely pleasing to the eye.

5. Elephant leitmotif in the design observed well – except for the elephant-a giant on-site to meet hobotnica a smaller caliber.

6. Look at the standard room.

7. Loved the transparent wall makes the room seem bigger and brighter. There is no balcony, but you can open a long and narrow French window.

8. And this is the view from the room window on the fifth floor. Next to the flags – restaurant summer terrace, where in summer there are tables, the music plays and waiters ply.

9. But back in the room. Of course there is a surcharge minibars. There is a kettle and free coffee and tea.

10. Also pleasantly pleased with the presence of the Ironing Board and iron. The iron is not simple, but with auto power off, which I accidentally saw, leaving it for half an hour plugged in and standing “face down” on the scarf from pashmina.

11. Snow-white bathroom. Standard room amenities are limited for a bath shower caps and plastic cups for toothbrushes – wash all-in-one here you can find in the dispensers. In the rooms of higher class and already have the soap in bottles, and bathrobes with Slippers.

In the room I liked everything, except that the conversations of guests in the corridor were clearly audible. In the next room no one lived, so to test the soundproofing between rooms is not had possible, but there are suspicions that it is not the best.

12. Pleased with a delicious and varied Breakfast was plenty to choose from. Despite the winter – lots of fresh fruit and vegetables. The restaurant hall is decorated with unusual chandelier made in the shape of a Polynesian boat (pictured – bottom left).

13. Nice looking restaurant, friendly waiters.

14. And in Elefant has a funny “feature” champagne for Breakfast. Apparently in order in the morning, guests felt the aristocrats

15. The restaurant is open until three o’clock in the morning. You can sit right next to the illuminated elephant – the hotel mascot (pictured right).

16. The hotel has a cosmetic and massage rooms (by appointment) and a full gym, which are not just a pair of trainers, as in most hotels, but has everything you need for a complete workout.

17. From the sixth floor overlooking the highway Riga-Jurmala.

Elefant – ideal for guests with their cars, because of its location (it is equally quick to get to the center of Riga and Jurmala), and due to the presence of free Parking in front of the hotel. There is paid underground Parking, but space there is limited to 18 kids.

18. The hotel is in a building that was built in 2008. Prior to that it operated another hotel, but it closed immediately after opening, because the crisis broke out. Renovated hotel with new concept opened in July last year. So everything is brand new.

19. Thanks to the glass walls in the interior lots of light, the hotel is spacious and airy. To make a spectacular shot with the backlight did not work – unfortunately, it’s only in the summer.

20. The next day I went to Riga Park, where a 10-minute drive from the city centre, in a quiet location on the shore of lake Ķīšezers the hotel is more than unusual.

Or rather this is not a hotel in the usual sense. It is a floating Spa cottage on the water at Green Island (price per night from 6902 RUB)

21. Though of course the 8th February, floating, the lake is covered with a thick layer of ice, so strong that it can safely walk.

22. Because of this, after dark it was possible to walk on the ice around the cottage and pofotografirovat it with light. Of course in summer this photoset without a boat will not hold, but in the warmer months the cottage and looks quite different. Firstly because the light reflected from the water, and secondly because of the fact that now the snow has brought much of the lower level of the backlight is green.

23. Also in the cottage area, a kitchen and a bathroom there is a sauna and massage rooms.

24. From the sauna you can go directly into the open water of the lake or soak in Japanese ofuro tub (pictured right).

25. As soon as you come into the house – once you get into a large kitchen equipped with a kettle, microwave and fridge (they are in drawers). For those who don’t want to cook on vacation, there is a possibility to order food from located 50 metres cafes. Meals can be enjoyed in the room with 20 percent markup from the price specified in the menu.

26. Opposite the kitchen is the area where you can sit in good company. On the left is a bedroom with a folding bed (in the photo it is raised).