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Romance, ghosts and beer: a magical honeymoon in Prague

To prolong the romantic mood after the wedding celebration is easy: go to the magical land of Europe — the Czech Republic. That’s really where you can fully enjoy the charm of old Europe!

Medieval towers, the tiled roofs of bright red color, cozy cabins, Shine knightly weapons, which dazzles the eye, — such a situation unwittingly sets a romantic mood. Add to this the territorial proximity and linguistic affinity, and this is enough to feel in the Czech Republic, as home. And maybe even better. Judge for yourself: Yes, it is available and not break the Bank.

General information

A visa to travel to make it is easy: you can do it through an Agency or directly with the Embassy. You will need proof that you are not going to emigrate — it is quite suitable for the Bank statements of accounts or proof of income.

Planes flying to Prague from Moscow, St.-Petersburg, Ekaterinburg and Samara. Some cities in Russia and Charter flights fly to Prague and Pardubice. The average cost of flight from Moscow to Prague with one change is 125 euros, and direct flight — 300 EUR. Before the Czech Republic can be reached from the capital of Russia and train “Vltava”, which departs from the Belorussky railway station. Only 28 hours —and you in a fabulous European city.

Prague Hotels

In the Czech capital of love newlyweds. There are so many hotels offering discounts and special offers for newly couples, that choice can drive you crazy. Prices for accommodation in the most popular hotels of category four stars from 110 to 130 euros. The exact cost is available on request.

Here are just some hotels where honeymoon special conditions:

Certovka 4*. The hotel is located just few steps from Charles bridge in a historic building. Guests will enjoy comfortable rooms with views of hradčany and the Bridge tower. Naughty the name of the hotel sets the tone for the rest up for the fun and great pastime.

Leonardo 4*. Very romantic hotel with antique furniture in the art Nouveau style. It is distinguished from other large, elegant rooms and paintings from the Prague collection of Art Nouveau on the walls, split-level rooms with views of Prague castle. Another undeniable plus is the convenient location near the old town square and Charles bridge.

Archibald at the Charles Bridge 4*. Very ornate building, built in the 16th century, is located in the historical part of the city — tiled roof and bright yellow wall is impossible not to notice. The rooms, which creates a feeling of antiquity and luxury, come to exquisite evenings with a nice bottle of wine or champagne.

Esplanade Prague 5*. This is not just a hotel, it’s luxurious mansion, with an amazing splendor. Here involuntarily feel yourself a man of the past era. Exquisite decoration of the rooms, crystal chandeliers, marble baths, luxury fabrics and a wood — everything here creates an atmosphere of sophisticated comfort.

Lidner Hotel Prague Castle 4*. Some time ago, the hotel was called the Crowne Plaza Castle. The hotel is close to Strahov monastery, having guests to relax and privacy. Here know how to create an intimate atmosphere and comfort. This cosy hotel in quiet surroundings is perfect for pleasant, quiet stay.

Walking around Prague

Prague is nice any time of year. Toy houses, narrow stone streets, legends and ghosts, intoxicating air of a bygone knightly times. Besides, the magical Prague landscape is a beautiful scenery for the photo shoot. This city is just made for lovers!

Walk the streets of Prague, without objective or explore well-trodden tourists trails? The choice is yours. Perhaps the most popular, romantic and proven route from Wenceslas square through old town square to Charles bridge. During the walk will follow the “mandatory program tourist.”

Along the way, drink and then break a glass or two of Czech glass — on happiness. And don’t forget to clean up the shards. To make it better under the astronomical clock, at the same time trying to tell time by their mysterious dial.

Go down to the banks of the river to hang a padlock as a sign of the strength of your Union, and the key is thrown away into the river.

As usual, make a wish on the Charles bridge. All who did, say that all make a hundred percent true! Especially if the desire for love and happiness.

Another mandatory ritual for honeymooners and other tourists feed the swans. Absolutely have to do this by finding the place where they swam straight to the shore. While white birds will share with you the secrets Swan fidelity.

You want something fabulous and magical? Then, maybe, you will be able to meet a real Ghost! Say, they choose who to seem, and who does not. Who knows, maybe you’ll get lucky? According to the legend, when the city plunges into darkness, from the corner suddenly there is a carriage drawn by black horses, and it comes from the bride and sings his sad song.

However, you can just pop into the Museum of legends and ghosts (Mostechka, 18) — it’s funny. And if you find yourself in a magical city on 2 November, don’t miss the real procession of ghosts on a night of mystical Prague.

And don’t forget about the Alchemy Museum, which is located in the “house of the donkey in the cradle” (Mala Strana, Jansky vrsek 312/8). Once there himself lived Edward Kelly, the famous alchemist. In the Museum you can not only learn about Prague the seekers of the philosopher’s stone, but also to try to make something. Finally, there is nothing better than to sit in a restaurant in the courtyard of the Museum — a SIP of “elixir of youth”, “love potion” or “elixir of life” — there is just buy drinks with such names.

Fans of “sharp little” I advise you to visit the most indecent Museum in Prague — Museum of sex machines (Melantrichova,18). You will be amazed at the ingenuity of the people concerning bedding fun. Just imagine three floors of fixtures for sexual entertainment! And for dessert — the silent porn movies of the last century.


You should not be limited only by the attractions of the Czech capital. Prague is famous for its fabulous parties and dancing till the morning and colorful mosaics varied nightlife. Miss you obviously don’t have to!

But if you suddenly want to relax, it offers baths Pilsen beer factory beer or a day SPA close to Karlovo náměstí. After the beer bath, relaxation and massage with beer oil you can feel in full, good life and amazing Prague!

Czech cuisine

Love to eat here. And drink, of course. Therefore, Prague must:

Enjoy a variety of delicious Czech beer, which is never a headache. Almost every café in Prague has its own brewery. Or is it when the brewery has its own café? It is interesting to try different Beers: blueberry, raspberry or nettle. What may be the taste of beer Champagne? It is unlikely any other country will be able to enjoy. Therefore it only remains to try and enjoy.

Beer, of course, need to order Pechino boar knee is a national Czech dish, pork leg. The taste of the dish divine — tender meat with a thin layer of fat, baked in a thick pig skin. On the side — certainly stewed cabbage. Every Czech knows it: knee you have to eat only cabbage. This choice is not only a way to raise their reputation in the eyes of Czech waiters, the combination of the pork leg with stewed cabbage — it’s an incredible gastronomic experience. Just remember that Czech the portions are enormous, it is better to take one for two, alone you are unlikely to overpower.

For the sweet tooth, Prague is a real Paradise. A lot of chocolatiers, coffee shops and bakeries and exude the sweet aroma of vanilla, cinnamon and something else terribly appetizing. So forget about diets, so enjoy this yummy! Be sure to try fruits, glazed with dark or white chocolate, they just melt in your mouth.

What to bring from the Czech Republic as a souvenir?

The selection of Souvenirs is huge. Driven from the Czech Republic famous Czech glass, natural cosmetics, silver jewelry with garnet. This is perhaps the best gift. You can choose amazing beauty products with pomegranate or mysterious stone vitaminom. Czech legends, this stone, resembling the color of green bottle glass, the young man gave his beloved as a sign of eternal love. In Prague vltavin can not meet, but in Krumlov, you will certainly find it. Is there a reason to go there?

Magical Prague will give you a fabulous experience and a storm of new feelings. Aren’t these emotions all expect from a honeymoon?