Hotels on Nevsky Prospekt, St. Petersburg
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The most unusual hotels in the world
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An unusual hotel in Berlin — Propeller Island City Lodge

Circle only mirrors. On the floor, on the ceiling, on the walls, front, back, left, right – wherever the guest nor threw my gaze. Lying on the bed: he sees only himself. The whole room is equipped with a polygonal mirror, and the little bulb is immersed the room in soft light and the whole room shines. The feeling is like lying inside a giant kaleidoscope.

Room 15 in Propeller Island City Lodge is very small, in addition to beds inside there is only a washbasin. The toilet and shower are on the floor. But despite this is one of the most popular rooms in the hotel.

Who resides in the Propeller Island City Lodge, located close to the kurfürstendamm (Kurfürstendamm), leaving the calm and conservative district Wilmersdorf (Wilmersdorf) – is in a three-storey object of art. Each of the 32 rooms is a work of art, self-created product of the artist and musician Lars Stroshane (Lars Stroschen), which since 1985 works under the pseudonym of Propeller Island. According to the Manager of the hotel, most guests come to the hotel again and again to try all the rooms. When making a reservation the guests are usually interested in their preferences.

City Lodge is an unusual hotel, stesse differently: reception is only open until lunch, special service guests do not have to wait. There are rooms with sloping floors, in a closet hidden shower and toilet, bed in a cage for beasts or hidden in the floor under the hatch, while the rest of the furniture hanging from the ceiling.

Room 27 – Grandma

The hotel has usual signs “do not disturb”, but on the reverse side you will find “Please tidy room.” Instead, bears the inscription, “I show you mine, now you’ve got your”invitation to other guests to knock on the door and see the room. A showcase reception among ordinary postcards you will find a “Please, no sex in a coffin.”

Yes, you read that correctly: in a coffin. Room number 31 is called “Grave” or “Tomb”. Anyone looking for the charm in “that world”, among the dark walls to sleep in a coffin. Both coffins in which to maintain stability can only sleep one person, standing on a pedestal. According to the Manager of the hotel, room is very popular among couples. Sometimes sleep in coffins, and children, and the parents sleep under the pedestal in-built into the sea floor. Sometimes in this room Goths spend the night – they really appreciate the chance to sleep in a coffin, an opportunity that no other hotel they do not provide. But, says the hotel Manager, Goths criticize that room to their taste too colorful. Like everything else in the hotel, the coffins were built by Strasheim. Before the new room to invite guests, it is first during the week of testing it myself.

Absolutely everything in Propeller Island City Lodge is the master’s hand. Any item of furniture made specifically for a small hotel. The room is often rented for photo shoots or for filming. My first room Strachen arranged at the end of 90-ies in his own apartment. And between 2001 and 2006 have grown three floors of City Lodge. The artist has created his own planet-a place of which he had dreamed for themselves and their friends.