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Our city was founded as a frontier fortress for protection from the raids of the "Kirghiz-kaisak Horde" the ruler of the Orenburg region I. order of Queen Yelizaveta in 1743…

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Top 10: haunted Hotels
To believe or not to believe in the existence of supernatural forces is everybody's business. But, if someone wants to get rid of the skepticism, or even more to ensure…

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In Germany has opened an unusual hotel for lovers of secluded relaxation

If to penetrate the mind of the average person, thinking about summer vacation, you will see many things: the Crimean resorts, the beaches of the Egyptian, Greek hotels, French casino. But for some stormy resort life with its campaigns in pubs and noisy entertainment is not rest, and things torment. It is for these people there is an ideal “ivory tower” – hotel-a beacon amidst the stormy waves of the North sea.

What in the world is not cheap: some people build hotels on trees, someone decorates garbage. An unusual hotel “Roter Sand” (“Red sand”) is a 125-year-old lighthouse in the open sea near the German city of Bremerhaven. At the time it was a technological novelty, because its basis lies 22 metres below sea level. Now all in the past: once at the end of XX century the steel Foundation was weak, the lighthouse was retired. Thus ended the history of the lighthouse, and began – the secluded and romantic hotel in Germany.

The journey to it from the nearest major city – Bremen – takes 3 hours, and the boat goes only in good weather: the waves of the Northsea don’t like jokes. Those who overcome the path that will be lifted to 30-meter height before the Ministers of the lighthouse rose up in the basket on the rope, and now it is done with a six-meter ladder.

But those who dwell in “Rother Zand” (six places) will find themselves in a big way: Spartan interiors, bread, canned food, vegetables, fruits, and no alcohol. The fact that the drinkers are unlikely to survive to the end of vacation: to the toilet are 70 slippery and the time worn steps. For these modest opportunities paid thousands of tourists (if they can be considered tourists) who have visited on “Roter sand” – by the way, to get to the hotel-a beacon is not easy, because tickets are selling out long before the season.

What you can do in this hotel-the lighthouse? To those who are tired of communication, life, work and even family, the question is not worth it. To turn off the phone and Internet. To sleep. To read the books. To look out the window at the huge waves of the sea and the setting sun. Thinking about what there wasn’t time to think before. And then, if for a week or two the fatigue life will be held, you can go home. And if not – then you need to look for a job of lighthouse Keeper.