Small luxury hotels from around the world
Content: Small luxury hotels from around the world Small Luxury hotels of the world is growing its exclusive portfolio of exciting new hotels just in time for summer vacation. These…

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The most expensive hotels in the Maldives
The Maldives are notoriously expensive holiday destination. Any, even the most budget trip here is expensive. There are virtually no hotels of category 3 stars. The majority of Islands is…

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Unusual hotels of the world

Traveling to cities and countries of our vast planet you can find such hotels, which previously had no idea. If you are bored of the monotony and same type of room, look for a place that will be different creativity and originality.

Unless there are such hotels, you ask. It’s just the apartment for sleep and rest. What may be unusual there? These hotels amaze with its interesting interior, designed by an experienced designer. One of such institutions – art hotel.

ART Hotel embodies the idea that will surprise and impress every guest. Only here you will receive unforgettable impressions from what he could see. This place is practically a Museum in every room. Around the many pleasant things that will please and give a wonderful mood. You will find at every step: on any floor, in rooms, corridors, the lobby, the hotel – everywhere. The staff is always friendly and smiles at you, answers all your questions.

The highlights of the hotel is gorgeous and colorful mural, mosaic, tapestry. Everywhere in the interior of copyrighted works of professional designers. The art here is embodied in every detail. Unusual and attractive textiles create a cozy atmosphere of your room will help you relax and unwind after a busy day. There is no room resembles another – choose the one that is to your liking and will fit today’s mood.

Choose pistachio, decorated in festive and even a little fairy style, or gold, bright, Sunny, shining with optimism and joy. You don’t want? Then purple room for relaxation and the real, high-quality recreation. Dozens of lights-the lighting creates an atmosphere of tranquility, creativity and enthusiasm. For a great stay at this Royal hotel has a sauna, which will allow you to fully relax and improve your health.

If you’re a fan of pleasant music – it features the jazz hotel. If you are familiar with the names of jazz composers and you are crazy about these delicious, soul touching melodies, then you’ll like it here. The jazz hotel in Moscow is designed in a special style of interior, where the walls are themed paintings, and each room has copies of paintings of famous painters. Great interior will satisfy even the most demanding customers. Want to live in an unusual place – you here.