Unusual hotels of Italy
Want to visit Italy and make interesting even stay in the room? Then you should visit the most unusual hotels in Italy. One of these hotels is the hotel Trulli.…

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Sanatorium-hotel "Old Anapa"
Four floors of the hotel "Old Anapa" contains all the necessary leisure Anapa: medical facilities, gym, Turkish and Finnish sauna with mini swimming pool, billiard room, library, beauty salon and…

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Five star hotels in St. Petersburg

Perhaps the most prestigious hotels, which differ in the quality of services offered and extra comfort rooms – this five-star hotel of St. Petersburg.

But what is so good of Petersburg it is? First, most of them are located in the historic centre of the city, and everyone who settled in this hotel, can enjoy the beautiful view from the window, and then walk to one of the architectural monuments of St. Petersburg. are famous around the world. The main difference between these hotels not in close proximity to the historical-architectural structures, and the service is first-class.

No one doubts that and stay in five-star hotels of St. Petersburg is distinguished by its high quality, and in many ways surpasses even the established international standards. You can enjoy the superior rooms, which are only the Grand hotels.

Moreover, most of them offer various additional services. spa centres, a wide range of business facilities, fitness centers, a fleet of vehicles, restaurants, boutiques, Concierge service, personal Butler.

Welcome to St. Petersburg in an incomparably luxurious hotels of the city

St. Petersburg St. Petersburg – European city, which every day receives thousands of foreign nationals who choose expensive hotels in St. Petersburg five stars.It’s luxury hotels-palaces of the 18th century in which the guest feels like royalty.

One of the most expensive hotels 5 stars is considered the Taleon Imperial Hotel. The interiors of the Eliseev Palace, Yes Palace, has preserved a truly Royal luxury, which was characteristic of St. Petersburg in the Petrine era. Luxury apartment, spectacular view from the rooms at the panorama of the city, first class service, the best restaurants, spa-centers, private butlers, room service, crisp white linen, gloss and glamour in everything . all this in the most expensive hotels in St. Petersburg. If You decided to book a five-star hotel, you should know here any Your whim, any whim will be carried out by true professionals.