Unusual hotels of the world
Nowadays hotels all over the world are trying to attract travelers, offering tempting special offers and rather unusual designs. We want to tell you about some unusual hotels in the…

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The most unusual hotels in the world
Easy creative and unusual ideas to life has always attracted people. The modern world smelled so commonplace that people are sometimes looking for that "flavor" and uniqueness, which can give…

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How to choose a hotel in the UAE (United Arab Emirates)

UAE consists of seven Emirates: Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Dubai, RAS al Khaimah, Umm al Quwain, Fujairah and Sharjah. The most “hyped” the resort is Dubai where there are many urban hotels, also there are luxury hotels with white sandy beaches. In detail we will examine the Dubai because this Emirate contains 90% of all interesting places, for which our tourists come. However, we also briefly analyze the other Emirates, because they have decent hotels with their pros. When choosing a hotel in the UAE must decide on priorities. For example, those who need a hotel essentially on the beach, either have to pay big money and take the hotel at Jumeirah and the Marina. Or live quite far from the shopping and entertainment. At the same time, there are areas from which near to the beautiful beaches and all the entertainment at hand.


This is the most popular among our visitors the area. The main thing that makes it popular, it’s a good location. Most hotels are within 10 minutes ‘ drive from probably the best paid beach of the Emirates, al Mamzar. This beach, unlike the free beaches in Dubai Marina and Jumeirah Open beach is equipped with sun beds with umbrellas, showers, toilets and changing rooms, as well as ergovaline and a barbecue area. The al Mamzar beach also looks a lot bigger and more interesting another paid beach – Jumeirah beach Park, which gathered a lot of tourists are completely banned any photos.

In Deira very well developed tourist infrastructure with many restaurants, shopping malls (the most popular Deira city Centre), several underground stations. Also next to metro Union is the famous Nasser Square. This whole block of stores, representing skyscrapers, clogged fur and leather products. Also here are two inexpensive gift shop – Day2Day, Gifts Village.

Popular hotels in Deira:



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