The most luxurious hotels in the Middle East
Forbes magazine published a list of the most luxurious hotels in the Middle East. Now this region is famous not only oil deposits, but the hotels and ultra-luxury. The hotel…

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Legendary hotel Sacher (Vienna)
In ancient times the inhabitants of the Kingdom Austria-Hungary decided to find out what dish is the main treasure of the national cuisine. This was a list of dishes-candidates, which…

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Unusual hotels of the world

Nowadays hotels all over the world are trying to attract travelers, offering tempting special offers and rather unusual designs. We want to tell you about some unusual hotels in the world . are sure you will be surprised and interested.

In Berlin there is a hotel called “PropellerIslandCityLodge “. Each room is different in it, not like any other. The first room, the design of which was engaged in the artist Lars Stroschen – owner of the hotel, resembles a medieval city. Here is a bed that resembles a castle standing on the field for the game of Golf.

In another room you will be surprised that here all the furniture nailed to the ceiling. There is also room for vampires have coffins instead of normal beds, and the bed placed in an iron cage. FreedomRoom is a copy of a prison cell – there is a toilet just near the bed. The rate in this hotel is 60-200 euros.

In the town of Stavoren (Holland) there is a hotel in which there are 4 unusual rooms, which is a huge wine barrel. It is noteworthy that in each such barrel previously housed more than 19 thousand bottles! Now in barrels made of oak and was lying on his side, there are 2 small bathrooms and 2 beds. Before entering such an unusual dwelling obustroenny rest just under the open sky. To live in such a barrel for 70 to 140 euros.

Vietnamese Dalat is the crazy house. But this is not a medical facility and a hotel. It consists of 3 buildings that seem, at first glance, hollowed out large stumps. Entering the room, you will feel that it’s a wall immediately flows to the floor. Each room here is dedicated to any animal. For example, in one you can see the eagle sits on her eggs, in the second – a huge ant or a giraffe is a work of sculptors and artists. The cost of daily living will cost you about 35-65 euros.

In Florida at depth of more than 6 m in the Emerald lagoon is an underwater Motel. Of course, to stay here you need an aqualung. If you have never dived before, you will conduct a brief training. Each room has a large window through which you will be able to look at the life of the local inhabitants of the ocean. Renting a room will cost you 120-350 euros.

If you want to see the sights but also experience interesting and unforgettable experience, definitely stay in these hotels! It can be a very interesting photo shoot that will remind you of pleasant vacation.