Of with ghosts
According to one theory, ghosts — not that other, as "psychic scars", spiritual remnants left in place after its inhabitants died. If this theory is correct, then one of the…

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The most luxurious hotels in the Middle East
Forbes magazine published a list of the most luxurious hotels in the Middle East. Now this region is famous not only oil deposits, but the hotels and ultra-luxury. The hotel…

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The most unusual hotel in Thailand

Indigo Pearl is the most unusual hotel, whose design combined with elegant style and prehistoric items. Unusual solutions and the originality of the design approaches have become the main lead for the creation of this structure. To the author’s inspiration was the historical past of Phuket. It is here where tin is mined, because of this hotel reminds me of the old specialized factory. An unusual approach to the creation of landscape: contemporary architecture, details of applied art and the modernist image of the local area. All together creates a unique atmosphere for an unforgettable vacation or romantic dinners. Each room is strictly individual, because they have a different design style.

The name of the Kelly Quarter rooms was mine drilling mechanism. Every kind of these rooms has a private access to the tropical gardens and pool, located in the Central part of the recreation area. In the design of these rooms are combined elements of historically national and modern styles, and is also used decor items made by hand. Complemented by extensive terraces.

Pearl Bed rooms – elegant voploshenie the General style of the hotel. Exquisite bathrooms with comfortable wardrobes. The balconies that allow to admire the greenery of the garden and curl up with a Cup of coffee. Unusual combinations of wood and stone is the highlight of the design of these rooms. Elegant accents in furniture, decorative items and lighting fixtures.

In the midst of a tropical garden villas are each surrounded by a wooden fence. In the patio there are sun beds with umbrellas, small swimming pool and a table for lunch. In the bedroom unusual wooden ceiling, the planks of which are intertwined. On the other side of the Villa, a washing room overlooks gardens and shower under the open blue sky.

Private pool pavilions – an unusual design decision, the purpose of which is synthesized based on the motifs of national style and modern works of art. Relatively small rooms, connected by terraces, on which there is a small pool, sun loungers and a stylish bathtub.

Room class “luxury” Bensley – the most spacious and most beautiful of all. It consists of two floors, but has only one bedroom, a private pool, open terrace and a room showing the design of a tropical forest.

Unusual accents on furniture, modern architecture design, which amazes every visitor of this hotel.