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The Mandarin Oriental, Paris
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Cats-residents 5-star hotels in the world

In the famous hotels settled and took root beautiful and kind cats

Tradition to contain the cat in the hotel and use her incredible abilities in management (guest relation management) was the first to offer the legendary new York hotel The Algonquin.

The history of the Algonquin pet widely known: the Manager and part-owner Frank Case gave shelter to a stray cat, filling a bowl with warm milk. Since that day the rust kitten drinking milk only from a special champagne flutes, as evidenced by the photos of that time.

For two decades years, the Case has managed to turn The Algonquin Hotel to the centre of literary, musical, and artistic life of new York in the 1920s. Later known hotelier bought the complex on the street 59 W 44th St for $ 1 million (unheard of expensive for those times) and left behind this unusual for a hotel, but a very nice tradition, as the content of cat.

The Algonquin Hotel

Thanks to the popularity of the institution among the theater elite, the name of a cat Rusty was forgotten in favor of the famous name hamlet. This, by the way, insisted a regular at the popular actor John Barrymore, with resounding success played in 1922 at the Broadway production of the role of the Prince Danish.

Matilda III, The Algonquin Hotel

Today the hotel is managed by Marriott group and is included in individual line AutographCollection. New owners and management have inherited not only the walls, listening to the debates Francis Scott Fitzgerald, Ernest Hemingway, and William Faulkner, but all the good traditions that make up the brand equity of Algonquin.

So, today is the tenth cat, or a cat, Matilda III, continues to welcome guests in the lobby. Interestingly, all the cats, who held the honorary post, was named hamlet, and cat named Matilda. Matilda III, a ragdoll clean with inherent breed quality to your life beautiful, stately and relaxed, this is the same lucky girl, like its predecessors. She was sheltered in the hotel after found abandoned in a box at the door of the organization North Shore Animal League America in December 2010.

The Algonquin Hotel

Matilda III takes an active role in charity each year during the celebration of her birthday, guests donate thousands of dollars to shelters for homeless cats and dogs.

Matilda III also has its own personal assistant and communicates with fans through all modern means to contact her by personal email box, on Facebook or through Twitter account.

The other cat, which was lucky, settled a few years ago at the address 112 rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré in Paris. The team at Le Bristol. part of the renowned hotel Association The Leading Hotels of The world, called on his white Burmese FA-Raon. After all, he does live like a Pharaoh: the entire staff of the famous Parisian Palace is involved in caring for him.

FA-Raon gets a balanced and varied diet, day walks in magnificent internal garden, another time it communicates with visiting guests or escorted them.

Fa-Raon, The Hotel Bristol Paris

Happy kids guests born, as the English say, with a silver spoon in his mouth, can sit with a cat in the room, while the parents are busy in the celebrations at Le Bristol.

Hotel Bristol Paris

FA-Raon certainly deserves the title the most stylish cat in the world. On his third birthday Paris, Maison Goyard presented the toast of the Parisian establishment collection of custom designed accessories. The cat proudly wears his new personalized bow tie made of textile with leather trim, the elegant gentleman of Paris!

Third and absolutely happy red cat Carmen can be found in the mystic hotel Negresco, another member of The Leading hotels of the world. The hotel complex is facing its gorgeous white facade of the Belle Epoque to the Mediterranean sea in the Bay of Angels. Curled up in one of the antique armchairs the spacious lobby of the hotel, Carmen spends her days here, or in a local bar.

Carmen, Hotel Negresco Nice

The cat was donated about 10 years ago, single lady owner Madame Ogier, undividedly devoted 50 years of his life to this legendary Home on the promenade des Anglais in nice.

The five-star Palace hotel has no Spa, no pool, but Pets guests are also expected as guests. Moreover, they are allowed to go through all the stairs of the hotel Negresco, like did Cheetah of Salvador Dali, a true friend Madame Ogier and frequent visitor to the hotel.

Like Carmen, and two dogs Madame Ogier, Yorkshire and the Shar Pei Lily Lilo, animals-guests can wander through the valuable Carrara marble, draw zigzags on carpets c psychedelic drawings of Iweala, yapping and meowing in a vast elliptical hall in the style of Louis XVI, who came to check out no less than seven monarchs during the opening ceremony of the hotel in 1913.