Hotel Couture: hotels from famous fashion Houses
Round Hill Hotel&Villas Before magic hands of Ralph Lauren got to the hotel, he was no less famous. The first guests appeared in 1953 and the names of some are…

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Exclusive Dubai
Today Dubai will not leave anyone indifferent. It is the metropolis with the world's largest shopping malls, elegant hotels, luxurious residences with wonderful beaches and gentle sea. Modern Dubai is…

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The most unusual hotels in the world — under water, on wood, in the gorge and the ice

Japan, capsule hotel the Capsule Inn Akihabara

The Japanese with their inherent minimalism invented and created the capsule hotel the Capsule Inn Akihabara . where you can spend the night in special cells, arranged in two rows one above the other. Each cell (average size 2×1×1 m) placed bed, overhead TV, radio. A berth in a capsule very similar to the top shelf in a train compartment. Shoes and things are kept separately in the lockers, toilet total. The first capsule hotels in the country appeared in the late 1970s, but the popularity is still not lost.

Price: from 2000-3000 yen/night (€14-21).

Austria, hotel Rogner Bad Blumau by Hundertwasser project

The friedensreich Hundertwasser — the famous Austrian architect, artist and simply a brave man. His ideas are environmentally friendly and simple. Colorful buildings with cupolas and fabulous ceramic facades hiding in the hills. On the roofs of trees, shrubs and herbs. Hundertwasser house miraculously similar to his socks — he never nosologically. And believed that to live in the same houses-boxes are not just boring, but also harmful to health.

The famous resort Rogner Bad Blumau 4* . constructed under the project of Hundertwasser, is located in the town of bad Blumau thermal Spa (45 km from Graz, South East Austria). Don’t come here looking for straight lines, smooth walls and familiar silhouettes. Allow yourself to be free, remember your childhood or feel like characters of “Alice in Wonderland”.

Fee for the transformation depends on the season — an average of €200-250 for a standard double room.

Sweden, ice hotel The Ice Hotel

If you all life dreamed of the rugged North go to Sweden. Here, in the village of Jukkasjarvi (200 km North of the Arctic circle), there is The Ice Hotel . each year is built anew from ice and snow artists. Everything here breathes the winter, and recalls the Snow Queen’s Empire. Will have to sit on ice chairs, sleep on ice beds with real reindeer skins in sleeping bags, thermal underwear and a hat. They say inside is never below -7 degrees. Because every spring the hotel melts (exists already for 20 years), in summer you can live in a cozy wooden Chalet and fishing in the nearest river.

Prices start at 1150 SEK/person/day (about €130).

Brazil, a hotel in the trees Ariau Amazon Towers Hotel

For those who love the heat and dreamed in childhood to become Tarzan and his girlfriend Jane in the jungle of Brazil, on the Rio Negro (a tributary of the Amazon), hid hotel Ariau Amazon Towers Hotel (60 km from Manaus). Here live in trees in special wooden towers, walk on hanging bridges, forget about the technogenic world, body and soul closer to nature. From the rooms you can observe the life of the forest. Be careful: the rainy season lasts here for six months a year, in the jungle there are predators and other curious animals, the climate is hot, tropical and humid. That, however, does not prevent to relax in the hotel by the organizers of international conferences and even the leaders of many countries.

To go down under the water on the island Poseidon (Fiji), the Poseidon Undersea Resort . located in the former submarine station. It is located at a depth of 12 m, wall and ceilings in a sealed capsule made of transparent glass, the capsules are interconnected by a sealed corridor. Captain Nemo would be delighted — you can observe the life of the ocean without leaving the bedroom. Among the unusual facilities — remote feeding the fish with the remote and turn on special lights that attract the local fauna.

Price week program — $15 000/person.

Train lovers go to good old Britain, in the town of Petworth. In the best British tradition here we can stay on the territory of the old railway station ( the Old Railway Station ), in the retro-train, each car of which is converted into a separate room with all amenities. The waiting room of the station hall of the hotel, the ticket office is the kitchen, and on the platform in the warm season Breakfast is served.

Prices: from €170/day.

If your case is a pipe, climb up it safely and understand that business is not so bad. This can be done in Austria, on the territory of the Das Park Hotel (11 km from Linz), one of sewer concrete pipes. Thrills guaranteed. Each pipe is equipped with a door, electricity and a ventilation hatch. Luxurious room you are unlikely to get, but at your disposal are double bed. Provided however, in the yard.

Affordable prices: everyone pays as much as he wants.

Salt mine in the Polish town of Bochnia — the oldest building in Europe. In the thirteenth century there was mined rock salt, but today there are guided tours and offer to stay the night at a depth of 250 m under the ground. Overnight in two chambers: Vazhin and Colder. Has its own restaurant, gym. Among the unusual services of underground rail travel, ferry boats, down from the 140-meter hill. In addition, the microclimate of the mine bojnansky considered a treatment.

Prices: from 40 to 70 zlotys (€10-17)/night/person.

Have you ever lived in a former us radar tower? If not, rather go to Panama in the Canopy Tower hotel . otherwise a life full of adventures passing by. Will live in the national Park of Soberania, tropical forest, semi-circular suites with panoramic views, bird watching from the lookout and swing in the hammocks. The Park is a place of pilgrimage for birders from around the world. Everything else close to the hotel there is a Park with stunning butterflies and orchids.

Prices: from $176/night for a double room.

A real caveman you can feel like in Italy, in the town of Matera, the old part of which carved in the rock and is a UNESCO site. Here, in the ancient valley, the hotel Sant’angelo Luxury Resort . Despite the cave interiors in the room, you have candles, comfortable bed, gourmet kitchen, bathroom, art gallery and other facilities, which were not at all those who lived here thousands of years ago .

Prices: from €230/night for a standard double room.