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Palace Merano & Espace Henri Chenot 5*

This hotel

The hotel is located in a historical castle, immersed in the luxurious greenery of the Botanical garden.

The rooms offer magnificent views of the mountains and the garden.

Wellness centre Espace Henri Chenot is renowned worldwide, many European celebrities choose chenot programme to restore health and fitness.


Hotel Palace Merano is located in a huge Park a few steps from town centre of Merano in Northern Italy near the Austrian border.

Hotel type

Wellness SPA hotel

Hotel description

A luxury Palace Merano hotel opened its doors to guests in 1906 in the castle, built in 1285. After the Second world war was the start of large-scale works on modernization of the hotel, but only with the emergence in the 1990’s, Dominique and Henri chenot here began a complete renovation of the Wellness center accompanied by major changes in purpose: after adding a new pavilion, which since 2000 is a Beauty center Espace Henri Chenot, Palace Merano has become in our days one of the most effective, innovative and renowned in all of Europe institutions devoted to rehabilitation and care, and in 2006-2009 the hotel has been completely renovated.

Teleparallel worldwide fame thanks to unique medical center Espace Henri Chenot, which hosts a Wellness program on the methodology of Dr. Henri chenot. For over 30 years, celebrities from all over Europe come to Merano to recuperate, get rid of extra pounds and relax.

Wellness center offers cleansing programs by the method of Henry chenot SPA programme by Dominique chenot. Aim of these programs is the elimination of toxins from the body and restores the energy balance, health, weight loss. One of the key components is a special low-calorie diet based on vegetables, fruits and soy, which is Dominique chenot.

Henri chenot studied biology at the Scientific research centre of marine biology at the Sorbonne, with special emphasis on anthropology, philosophy and Chinese medicine (the study of which he devoted more than 10 years), and bio-energetic psychology and naturopathy, he received a doctorate in psychology. In 1999, Henri chenot has created biontology – a new concept of evolutionary psychophysical studies of aging.

Dominique chenot is a Professor of aesthetics, participates in the development and establishment of an Office of dietary biontology at the Espace Henri Chenot in Merano. Together with her husband Henri, she participated in the creation of the book “Energy diet”, and since 2005 its activities are reflected in recipes, energy food, collected in the book “Taste of health”.

Wellness centre Espace Henri Chenot

Divided into two parts. One is completely dedicated to mud wraps, aesthetic procedures, massages, in the second are receiving medical specialists, constantly present in the Center. Internal laboratory allows immediate, accurate information about the health of the guests.

In addition to special treatments, massages, aesthetic treatments and body wraps, it offers a huge area of the baths and saunas with different types of steam, indoor and outdoor heated pools, fitness center. All procedures are performed on the basis of their own cosmetic line Henri Chenot.

The Wellness centre offers hotel offered several programs to choose from (detox programme Henri chenot, the SPA and Wellness programme by Dominique chenot), energy and beauty treatments.

It offers:

18 massage rooms

Office treatment for scalp

9 rooms for hydrotherapy

The Department of aesthetic medicine – 6 classrooms

Medical offices with the necessary equipment

Outdoor and indoor swimming pools


The Cabinet for hydrotherapy according to Kneipp


Finnish sauna

Turkish Hammam

Hydromassage bath


Merano is situated at an altitude of 325 m above sea level and is one of the most prestigious climatic resorts of Europe, protected from the North and East of the stunning mountain range, so it offers mountain excursions, Hiking and Cycling in summer and skiing in winter.

In the town there are numerous monuments and churches, the castle Trauttmansdorff, whose Botanic gardens are the most beautiful in Europe.

The hotel offers Pilates, water aerobics in the indoor or heated outdoor pool, gym, ice rink, beauty salon, one of the two restaurants or bar, play a round of Golf on one of two fields, stroll through the rich Botanical gardens, play on the piano.

In the conference rooms are thematic meetings which are devoted to health and Wellness, Dominique chenot cooking lessons, where guests can learn to prepare delicious and nutritious meals from the diet menu.

We can arrange transfers from the airport and to the airport, individual interpreter services.

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