Hotels on Nevsky Prospekt, St. Petersburg
Especially popular among guests of our city hotels are located on the Nevsky Prospekt. And all that mystical spirit seething Nevsky prospect attracts huge number of tourists and visitors, along…

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Unusual or Ata Fiera hotel in Milan
Our next trip to Milan, put the main purpose of the business program of the exhibition of Fiera Milano. Therefore, we chose a hotel in the city but as close…

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The Hotel “Grand Budapest”

The film of such a plan could be superficial and silly, but the Director decided to shoot this film with taste, and he seems to have a bit of fun, and it’s very good. felt. Because he looks fun. The film is light, non-Intrusive, ironic, sometimes grotesque, but without vulgarity. He’s pretty witty, beautiful, and just incredibly stylish — and within the characters, one brighter than the other, and in the place of, and in the entourage, costumes, and movements of the characters, and in landscapes, inscribed in the visuals and the color palette – in General, in everything, in all detail! And important role in the creation of this atmosphere of style, or stylish atmospheres (both are true for the characteristics of this film) plays it is like behind the scenes and in the dialogues. Without excessive bombast and kurtuaznoy but succinct, literary, witty, and extremely pleasant hearing it. And complements her music, it was light, but very good. nice music, tastefully woven into the overall contour and style of the film, and complete its harmony and integrity as works of art.

How to look at.

The films of Wes Anderson is not to be confused with others. To admit, before watching this movie I didn’t know that the Director in him is Anderson. But from the first minute I had the feeling that I’ve seen. Ah, Yes, “moonrise Kingdom”! Let compare these two paintings is not entirely appropriate, I nevertheless will try.

Personally, I Bilokon. Nothing new in this film. All the same I, the same puppet and theatricality, the same absurdity. With only one correction: all of these techniques worked until the frame was filled with young children. Adults, this trick fails. While seemingly miniature and fairy tales, this film is replete with violence, lust and greed. Many compare the film with the cake Mendel. Yes, it is. Only instead of butter cream inside him — a mixture of mustard with horseradish.

The plot is extremely illogical detective. As usual there are car chases, murders all sorts of ways (poisoning, strangulation, decapitation, pushing off the cliff), love story (and not one), skirmish, wills… There is even a jailbreak. The recipe for this cake lacks only one ingredient — sense. In the “Kingdom” of action heroes were amenable to explanation in most cases. In “the Hotel” characters do what they want.

The acting is not presented. Wouldn’t be surprised if all the actors before filming was injected Botox but would their facial muscles were paralyzed. One of the main characters says that his entire family was shot, never once blinked. Only moving lips and cramps eyebrows mark him as a man.

Compare the movies “moonrise Kingdom” and “Hotel “Grand Budapest”” it would be incorrect, if they are so similar to each other. To paraphrase the famous Russian saying, this film is the “other soup in the same plate”. Cold, bitter soup.