An unusual hotel in Berlin — Propeller Island City Lodge
Circle only mirrors. On the floor, on the ceiling, on the walls, front, back, left, right – wherever the guest nor threw my gaze. Lying on the bed: he sees…

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Unusual hotels of the world
Fuchun Resort (China). Exotic hotel in Hangzhou - the successor to the secluded shelters, where travelers could find rest. The implementation of this plan (the project of developed by Jean-Michel…

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In Moscow has named the Top 100 best hotels in the world

The award, established by company Coral Travel, is awarded on the results of the survey of tourists. The clients are hotels become experts: filling in the questionnaire, they estimate the personnel, the condition of the room and the hotel, food and drink, cleanliness, services for children, garden and pool, animation and opportunities for sport. In each category are awarded points. Then the questionnaires are processed by computer and determined the final Top 100. The survey is conducted regardless of the number of stars the hotel has.

Awards Starway World Best Hotels for 2014 have been awarded 100 best hotels of the 28 countries with Coral Travel. Of the 2.9 million tourists companies in the survey took part more than 20%. In addition to Russian tourists, their assessment of the hotels was given by customers of Coral Travel Ukraine, CIS, Georgia, Poland, Turkey and the Balkan countries.

A hundred of the best chosen from 5 thousand hotels, which operates Coral Travel. The final Top 100 includes 53 hotels of Turkey, Egypt 13, 10 hotels in Thailand, 6 of the Dominican Republic, three Greek and Bulgarian, two hotels in Mexico, UAE, India, Indoneziya in the Maldives, one in Spain and one in Vietnam.

The best hotel Gloria Golf Resort in Belek (Turkey). Second and third places were taken by the Pilot Beach in Crete (Greece) and Delphin Deluxe Resort in Alanya (Turkey).

“The best hotels that we have been awarded, have been selected by the consumers, — said the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Coral Travel Coskun Yurt. And we see that the demand for these hotels is increasing and the attendance pages of the website with information about Starway increases. These are the hotels we will offer the market in the first place.”

How told the portal “Interfax-Tourism” in the press service of the company, every year the ratings change, hotels, leader in the last year in the Top 100 in the present are only in the middle of the list – due to the fact that their competitors improve the quality of their services.