Of with ghosts
According to one theory, ghosts — not that other, as "psychic scars", spiritual remnants left in place after its inhabitants died. If this theory is correct, then one of the…

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In Moscow has named the Top 100 best hotels in the world
The award, established by company Coral Travel, is awarded on the results of the survey of tourists. The clients are hotels become experts: filling in the questionnaire, they estimate the…

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The most luxurious hotels in the Middle East

Forbes magazine published a list of the most luxurious hotels in the Middle East. Now this region is famous not only oil deposits, but the hotels and ultra-luxury.

The hotel Hydropolis is built on land belonging to the crown Prince of Dubai. It is a huge underwater hotel, at a cost of $585 million was to be opened last year. But the plans were thwarted after the resignation of the head of the development company Crescent Hydroplis Alfred Wuttke.

In Hydropolis 300 rooms and 220 suites, located on three floors. All rooms are under water, so that through the Windows-the window you can admire the fishes and jellyfish. Near the hotel, on the seabed, erected “underwater” gardens and “ocean villas” for VIP guests. Among the future delights – car submarines and plastic surgery clinic.

Turkish hotel Ciragan Palace in Istanbul. For $1 185 per night you can rent a huge room with views of the Bosphorus. The Ciragan Palace was built of wood in the late sixteenth century, but in 1857 its new owner, Sultan Abdulaziz built the building. For his finish rich Oriental ruler was taken to first class marble and perlamutra around the world. In 1991 the Palace became a hotel.

The most luxurious hotel Lebanon is located near Beirut. The Palace of Emir Amin Palace for centuries belonged to local rulers, until it became a hotel. With only 22 rooms, which cost $220 per night in season from may to September. The hotel offers a captivating view of mount FFS. Each Suite has antique furniture and bed linen made of fabrics handmade.

Hotel Al Maha Desert Resort in the United Arab Emirates was built on the former site of a Bedouin camp. The developer of the project was made by the airline Emirates Airlines, invest in the construction of the $13.6 million

A night spent in a luxury oasis in the desert, will cost you $1 090. Each of the 32 rooms feature handmade furniture, upgraded antique ornaments, and the floors covered with rich carpets. Each room has a swimming pool. During the day guests can ride a camel or take part in falconry.

Adrere Amellal in Egypt you will serve meals only from organic ingredients, served at a Bedouin dish. The hotel walls are built of Adobe bricks, and the olive trees close swimming pool cool from the Sizzling heat. The hotel has 27 rooms at $400 per night. The hotel is a 9 hour drive from Cairo.

Ancient Cappadocia – the land of amazing scenery and rich history, located in Central Turkey. Here is the Gamirasu hotel, located in a building of the Byzantine monastery, which is already 1 thousand years.

The hotel is located in the depths of a huge cave that living there adds a unique flavor. Some residents of the Central regions of Turkey still live in caves as did their ancestors for the past 4 thousand years. Take a room with a fireplace and a terrace in Gamirasu available for $550.

Israeli King David located in Jerusalem. The hotel was built in 1931, destroyed by bombing in 1946 and restored in 1999. There are 200 rooms that are hidden behind walls of pink stone. Standard room for $240, and the presidential – with private veranda and Jacuzzi – for $500.