The most expensive hotels in the Maldives
The Maldives are notoriously expensive holiday destination. Any, even the most budget trip here is expensive. There are virtually no hotels of category 3 stars. The majority of Islands is…

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Hotel&Spa "Rivera Club" 4* Anapa
Riviera Hotel is located in the very cozy place of the resort area of Anapa . on Pioneer Avenue. The magnificent Hotel is designed in classic Mediterranean style, using natural…

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Hotels on Nevsky Prospekt, St. Petersburg

Especially popular among guests of our city hotels are located on the Nevsky Prospekt. And all that mystical spirit seething Nevsky prospect attracts huge number of tourists and visitors, along Nevsky Prospekt like to walk and stroll in this game a great power prospect, described by Gogol N. In. to make such a leisurely walk in love not only guests, but also by the citizens. At different times of the day the spirit of Nevsky Prospekt has changed the nature, but never stops.

For guests of our city we have collected in one place all the hotels from the large and famous hotels to a completely new hotels, which recently opened. All these hotels share one thing is that they are on Nevsky Prospekt.

You can choose a hotel that is located in the front part of Nevsky Prospekt runs from the Admiralty to the Ligovsky prospectus or choose less-congested part of (Old) Nevsky Prospekt originating from the Alexandro-Nevskaya Lavra to the area of the Rebellion.

The largest hotels which are world-famous are the hotel “Corinthia Nevsky Plaza hotel”, “Radisson SAS”, “Grand hotel Europe”, “hotel Taleon club”,in these hotels you can spend unforgettable holidays, but also to live in the historic interiors steeped in history of bygone eras. These hotels and now a popular choice for many celebrity guests, artists, politicians and sports.

Hotels four-star offering comfortable accommodation where your stay will take on staff and guests will be able to use all sorts of additional options, sauna complex and swimming pool. These are such hotels as “Nevsky Forum”, Agni “hotels Nevsky Grand” and is located on the Neva river embankment, the hotel “Moscow”.

For visitors to the city can steel your favorite budget mini-hotels that are located almost all over the Nevsky Prospekt, Nevsky prospect hotels located in historic buildings, but with 1-2 floors or just a few apartments renovated into a hotel. In these hotels there is a special homely atmosphere, which is lacking in guests, away from home.

As on Nevsky Prospekt you can find everything that offers, which is primarily walking around the city, and hotels are perceived as a place to stay there are accommodation options.