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Yoo jin ahn kim woo bin dating


MT via Naver 1. It's like dating news galore keep on coming But the sulli and choiza one is sort of how do I put it so unexpected what's it hall these line girls dating a lot older guys All those comments about his popularity dropping, so you'd rather have a boyfriend who tries to hide you? This should speak for his character about how good he is to his girlfriend. Too bad you are all too busy trying to fantasize yourselves with him instead of being happy for the couple.

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

A fan gave it to you and you gave it to someone else Why must a celebrity not have any sort of life to please "sensitive" fans? What kind of pathetic fans would leave their favourite celebrities because they're dating?

So do they think they actually have a chance with the celebs.? Cuz that's just ridiculous. Just a few months ago, there was a dating rumor with him Yoo jin ahn kim woo bin dating Lee Na Young.

And Allkpop said it was confirmed with an official statement. The comments are so dumb. I don't know why but I always had this sense that Kim WooBin was not really a mainstream kind of guy. He always came off as "doing his own thing". It doesn't surprise me that he probably doesn't care about his image, instead he's doing what feels right for him and his girlfriend. Honestly, if they stop being fans of him because he has a girlfriend, they're sooo weakhearted.

Get over it, he's a human young adult, what do you expect, single life forever? Love all this couple news, the colder it gets the more couples we find LOL. Am I the only one that wants more "new" couples revealed I never realized I love celebrities dating till this rumor.

Netizens are correct as sad as it may seem, you shouldn't reveal your relationship when you're at the height of your career especially if you have a lot of fangirls. Anyway lol at 5 that's definitely a fangirl comment. Buying album and drama dvd is ok but spending 1k on celebs?

I will still be his fan, sure it did shock me he has a girlfriend but he's a human being too! And if his girlfriend is a bad person as netizens claims her to belet him find it on his own, he's a grown up man and mistakes Yoo jin ahn kim woo bin dating suppoused to happen in life.

News of this relationship came out first, like half a day ago. It is the korean government covering up a government scandal. It's all fun and games til someone actually comes out of the closet.

A SidusHQ rep commented, "Kim...

It must be true, u need to keep ur relationship Yoo jin ahn kim woo bin dating until ur position is stabilized, i m pretty sure it's not too late to confirm after his coming up drama: HEIRS assuming it will do great. Hell, she even got into debt for getting it. T-ara Soyeon dating article coming out seems to be coz of T-ara Oct comeback too.

I'm crossing my fingers for 4. I'm laughing at the fan who gave the gift. What the actor did with the shirt is his business since it was already given to him. It's not like it was a precious gift from his mom or his sister. It was a fan gift, for crying out loud! Idols give most of the gifts given by fans to charity or to whomever because most of those gifts are really not up to their taste, or not something they need at the moment, or there are way too many of them that they become clutters if they keep them all.

There is a conspiracy theory that they are leaking these informations 3 straight dating scandals to cover up the president's official apology and it backfire.

Actor-model Kim Woo Bin has...

There is a conspiracy theory that they are leaking these informations to cover up the president's official apology and it backfire. Nah, it would be even bigger. Something that every Korean cares about, and a much bigger star.

Kim Won Bin is big but not that much, even less the other scandals xD Most Koreans don't give a shit about those.

While news of Kim Woo...

I think, it's really cool when a guy not ashamed to confirm their relationship to the public, means, that guy really really really love the girl. But, the different case for an actor, themselves is for the fans. So, woo bin-ah, you are not mine anymore, and Yoo jin ahn kim woo bin dating like you are not care to the fans, so I am going to leave you, beib xD. Lol in debt for one shirt? But she gave it to him, so it's his to use as he pleases.

He's a model actor, not an idol. Models and actors go public with their relationships all the time. Fans aint true fans if they leave their idols just cause they're dating someone.

While news of Kim Woo...

Let them live their happy life. Two dating articles in a row. Are we going to get a Sulli-Choiza dating article, too? It's been a while and definitely refreshing as compared to the usual rumour mill. Two dating articles already.

Does anyone know what's up with the Sulli and Choiza thing? I don't think these are high enough yield warheads. Also, if your a true fan you would stick with Kim Woo Bin. I don't get how some fans can just up and leave someone they supported because they are dating Speaking of giving his gift away to his gf, i think that everyone who gives presents to someone and then figuring out that it's given to someone else again, that's hurtful, Yoo jin ahn kim woo bin dating then again, you alrdy give away so it's Yoo jin ahn kim woo bin dating urs anymore.

He always came off as "doing his own thing" this, park ki-woong and lee hyun-woo give me this vibe, too, it's like they do not care about popularity and "being the trend" that much. Well if she was older let's say line like most of SNSD. I bet K-netizens would be saying her little brother who's like 4 years old is actually a secret love child.

The ones that decided to like him and stan him are themselves, not him. He doesn't have any obligation to please them in any way. He is just doing his work. There are many kpop idols that depend on the love of their fans, but he doesn't, he really doesn't need them and his success is not attributed to their support. Maybe that cover up theory is true lol. It worked for them while Yoo jin ahn kim woo bin dating was out but they have to move onto other roles Jongsuk already has so this could be good for image building???

If you look very close, you can see his left eye is bigger than the right Get out of town monster! Lots of people already know Hyoyeon is the SNSD member in a relationship right now, no scandal or news happened.

I don't think any of the other 8 are dating right now, I could be wrong. All these new relationships coming public the last day or two. Especially if they're his noonas. Maybe a distraction from this?

It's one of the issues on recent news: Why are people being mean and hating? When celebrities hide their relationships due to Yoo jin ahn kim woo bin dating we criticize them but when they come out in public we criticize them anyways. Everyone deserves a chance at love. If they are in love, let them be!

Screw haters and antis. Yoo jin ahn kim woo bin dating gonna be old, bitter and alone!

[Updated] “The Heirs” Actor Kim...

Jung Kyung Ho just announced that he's dating a non-celebrity too. There is an article on AKP about it with pics from their "date".

I am pretty sure Sooyoung, Tiffany and Yoo jin ahn kim woo bin dating and possibly Seohyun are dating atm The shirt was worth something dollars. It's still pretty freaking expensive, but considering fans buys alienware and televisions for their oppars. A shirt doesn't seem like a lot now O. Rumor has it they are on a date. I saw the pics on Naver and the article is on AKP. Or that she's proud to have him as her boyfriend and wants people to know that.

Either way, we don't know what she's thinking. He looks like a not as handsome version of TOP in those pictures. The newS just break out in Korea It's definitely surprising that a rising Yoo jin ahn kim woo bin dating like him went public with his relationship, but kudos to him, I guess. They've been together for quite a while and it's not like it was a super secret or anything.

On September 25, Yoo Ji Ahn's agency Choi Entertainment stated, "Yoo Ji Ahn and Kim Woo Bin are currently dating, and have been seeing.

A SidusHQ rep commented, "Kim Woo Bin and Yoo Ji Ahn have been dating for 2 years." The two apparently got to know one another during. [Updated] “The Heirs” Actor Kim Woo Bin Dating Fashion Model Kim Woo Bin met Yoo Ji Ahn during his modeling days, and their friendship.

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