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Radical modernism and sexuality


Charles Hatten Radical Modernism and Sexuality: The cultural and literary modernism of the early twentieth century looks different to every generation, and what was daring and avant-garde in that period loses its subversive Radical modernism and sexuality, as theorists of postmodernism often remind us, in being institutionalized into museum exhibits and course syllabi. Reich and Lawrence in particular are seen as akin Radical modernism and sexuality their Radical modernism and sexuality of a utopian community founded on individual emancipation" A wide-ranging discussion of Reich emphasizes his critique of sexual repression which Freud had argued was necessary to civilization and his argument for the desirability of the development of a "genital character," a personality type that rejects rigid moral codes and successfully avoids neurotic character structure by achieving "genital potency" Indeed, the trials of the sexual instinct and masculinity are central to Seelow's reading of Lawrence, as he explicates the novelist's sense of a beleaguered sexual drive and masculine identity that are continually contained and undermined Radical modernism and sexuality the life-denying forces of industrial capitalism and history.

Seelow concludes with a brief discussion of the theorists Georges Bataille and Jean Baudrillard, who are deployed in support of the idea that the contemporary world's postmodern sexuality is characterized by cynicism and exhaustion. This dismal prospect leads the author to hope wistfully that a "more enchanted sexuality, inspired by revisions of D. Unfortunately, Seelow's exploration of these issues is replete with gaps and weaknesses.

Another serious weakness is that Seelow ignores or trivializes much critical work on his subjects, apparently unwilling to engage with critics who offer views different from his own celebratory reading of his subjects' ideas. Thus, he ignores Sandra Gilbert and Susan Gubar's important reading of the gender politics of modernist literature, which Radical modernism and sexuality out how frequently male modernists evinced hostility to feminine autonomy and gender transgressions.

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Radical Modernism and Sexuality: Freud,...

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reich, d.h. lawrence & beyond...

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Journal of the History of Sexuality.

"With lucid and compelling prose,...

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Contact Contact Us Radical modernism and sexuality. Radical Modernism and Sexuality: Freud, Reich, D. H. Lawrence & Beyond. By David Seelow. New York: Palgrave Macmillan, Pp. $ (cloth).

A bold, sweeping reassessment of...

reich, d.h. lawrence & beyond (review) charles Radical modernism and sexuality journal of the history of sexuality, volume 17, number 1, january ,radical modernism and sexuality.

Radical modernism and sexuality: Freud, Reich, D.H. Lawrence and beyond. Responsibility: David Seelow.

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Edition: 1st ed. Imprint: New York: Palgrave.

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