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Anne was born in SuttonSurrey.

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Later, she moved to the Isle of Wight and attended Carisbrooke College. She left this show by January She lives in CountesthorpeLeicestershire. In andshe appeared at the Drury Lane Theatre in two special celebrity pantomimes for the Duchess of York's charity. She is the voice of the on-board bus announcements for Trent Barton 's Indigo service. She recorded her voice for the service in It lies on the slopes of the North Downs, and has the administrative headquarters of the borough.

It is located Suttons location on the London to Brighton turnpike from led to the establishment of coaching inns, when it was connected to central London by rail inthe village began to grow into a town, and there was significant Victorian-era expansion. Suttons expansion and increase in population accelerated in the 20th century as part of the growth of London. It became a borough with neighbouring Cheam inand has formed part of Greater London since Sutton has the largest library in Anne davies mature bbc tv presenter borough, several works of art, four conservation areas.

It is home to a number of international companies and the sixth most important shopping area in London. Sutton mainline railway station is the largest in the borough, with frequent services to central London, along with Wimbledon Studios, Sutton is a hub for filming in south-west London. Sutton is home to a significant number of the boroughs schools, in Sutton was the top performing borough for GCSE results in England. It was probably in relation to Mitcham and Morden that it was considered southerly, the name was later applied to Sutton Common and the Sutton New Town development in the 19th century.

Archaeological finds in the date back over ten thousand years. An implement from the age was discovered close to the junction of Sutton High Street.

The Roman road of Stane Street forms part of the boundary of the parish of Sutton. The course of Stane Street through the area Anne davies mature bbc tv presenter now followed by the modern roads Stonecot Hill and London Road, some sources state the early name as Suthtone or Sudtana instead.

Other place names appear in this charter are Bedintone, Cegeham. Surrey — Surrey is a county in the south east of England. It shares borders Anne davies mature bbc tv presenter Kent to the east, East Sussex to the south-east, West Sussex to the south, Hampshire to the west and south-west, Surrey County Council sits extraterritorially at Kingston upon Thames, administered as part of Greater London since With a resident population of 1.

In the same year, the county was extended north of the Thames by the addition of Spelthorne, due to this expansion, modern Surrey also borders on the London boroughs of Hounslow and Hillingdon. It has the highest GDP per capita of any English county, Surrey is divided in Anne davies mature bbc tv presenter by the chalk ridge of the North Downs, running east-west.

To the north of the Downs the land is mostly flat, the geology of this area is dominated by London Clay in the east, Bagshot Sands in the west and alluvial deposits along the rivers. Much of Surrey is in the Metropolitan Green Belt and it contains a good deal of mature woodland.

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Surrey is the most wooded county in England, with Box Hill has the oldest untouched area of woodland in the UK. Surrey also contains Englands principal concentration of lowland heath, on soils in the west of the county. Agriculture not being intensive, there are many commons and access lands, together with a network of footpaths and bridleways including the North Downs Way. Accordingly, Surrey provides much in the way of leisure activities.

The highest elevation in Surrey is Leith Hill near Dorking and it is eitheror metres above sea level and is the second highest point in southeastern England after Walbury Hill metres in West Berkshire.

Surrey has a population of approximately 1. They are followed by Ewell with 39, people and Camberley with 30, towns of between 25, and 30, inhabitants are Ashford, Epsom, Farnham, Staines and Redhill. Guildford is the county town, although the county administration was moved to Newington in England — England is a country that is part of the United Kingdom.

It shares land borders with Scotland to the north and Wales to the west, the Irish Sea lies northwest of England and the Celtic Sea lies to the southwest. England is separated from continental Europe by the North Sea to the east, the country covers five-eighths of the island of Great Britain in its centre and south, and includes over smaller islands such as the Isles of Scilly, and the Isle of Wight.

England became a state in the 10th century, and since the Age of Discovery. The Industrial Revolution began in 18th-century England, transforming its society into the worlds first industrialised nation, Englands terrain mostly comprises low hills and plains, especially in central and southern England. However, there are uplands in the north and in the southwest, the capital is London, which is the largest Anne davies mature bbc tv presenter area in both the United Kingdom and the European Union.

The earliest recorded use of the term, as Engla londe, is in the ninth century translation into Old English of Bedes Ecclesiastical History of the English People. According to the Oxford English Dictionary, its spelling was first used in The earliest attested reference to the Angles occurs in the 1st-century work by Tacitus, Germania, the etymology of the tribal name itself is disputed by scholars, it has been suggested that it derives from the shape of the Angeln peninsula, an angular shape.

An alternative name for England is Albion, the name Albion originally referred to the entire island of Great Britain. The nominally earliest record of the name appears in the Aristotelian Corpus, specifically the Anne davies mature bbc tv presenter century BC De Mundo, in it are two very large Anne davies mature bbc tv presenter called Britannia, these are Albion and Ierne.

But modern scholarly consensus ascribes De Mundo not to Aristotle but to Pseudo-Aristotle, the word Albion or insula Albionum has two possible origins. Albion is now applied to England in a poetic Anne davies mature bbc tv presenter. Another romantic name for England is Loegria, related Anne davies mature bbc tv presenter the Welsh word for England, Lloegr, the earliest known evidence of human presence in the area now known as England was that of Homo antecessor, dating to approximatelyyears ago.

The oldest proto-human bones discovered in England date fromyears ago, Modern humans are known to have inhabited the area during the Upper Paleolithic period, though permanent settlements were only established within the last 6, years. It is headquartered at Broadcasting House in London, the BBC is the worlds oldest national broadcasting organisation and the largest broadcaster in the world by number of employees.

It employs over 20, staff in total,16, of whom are in public sector broadcasting, the total number of staff is 35, when part-time, flexible, and fixed contract staff are included.

The fee is set by the British Government, agreed by Parliament, and used to fund the BBCs radio, TV, britains first live public broadcast from the Marconi factory in Chelmsford took place in June It was sponsored by the Daily Mails Lord Northcliffe and featured the famous Australian Soprano Dame Nellie Melba, the Melba broadcast caught the peoples imagination and marked a turning point in the British publics attitude to radio. However, this public enthusiasm was not shared in official circles where such broadcasts were held to interfere with important military and civil communications.

By latepressure from these quarters and uneasiness among the staff of the licensing authority, the General Post Office, was sufficient to lead to a ban on further Chelmsford broadcasts. But bythe GPO had received nearly broadcast licence requests, John Reith, a Scottish Calvinist, was appointed its General Manager in December a few weeks after the company made its first official broadcast.

The company was to be financed by a royalty on the sale of BBC wireless receiving sets from approved manufacturers, to this day, the BBC aims to follow the Reithian directive to Anne davies mature bbc tv presenter, educate Anne davies mature bbc tv presenter entertain. The financial arrangements soon proved inadequate, set sales were disappointing as Anne davies mature bbc tv presenter made their own receivers and listeners bought rival unlicensed sets.

By mid, discussions between the GPO and the BBC had become deadlocked and Anne davies mature bbc tv presenter Postmaster-General commissioned a review of broadcasting by the Sykes Committee and this was to be followed by a simple 10 shillings licence fee with no royalty once the wireless manufactures protection expired.

The BBCs broadcasting monopoly was made explicit for the duration of its current broadcast licence, the BBC was also banned from presenting news bulletins before Mid found the future of broadcasting under further consideration, this time by the Crawford committee, by now the BBC under Reiths leadership had forged a consensus favouring a continuation of the unified broadcasting service, but more money was still required to finance rapid expansion.

Wireless manufacturers were anxious to exit the loss making consortium with Reith keen that the BBC be seen as a service rather than a commercial enterprise. The recommendations of the Crawford Committee were published in March the following year and were still under consideration by the GPO when the general strike broke out Anne davies mature bbc tv presenter May.

The strike temporarily interrupted newspaper production and with restrictions on news bulletins waived the BBC suddenly became the source of news for the duration of the crisis. Nottingham — Nottingham is a city and unitary authority area in Nottinghamshire, England, located miles north of London, in the East Midlands.

Nottingham has links to the legend of Robin Hood and to the lace-making, bicycle and it was granted its city charter in as part of Queen Victorias Diamond Jubilee celebrations. InNottingham had an population ofwith the wider urban area. It is also a sporting centre, and in October was named Home of English Sport. The city also has rugby, ice hockey and cricket teams, and the Aegon Nottingham Open. This accolade came just over a year after Nottingham was named as the UKs first City of Football, on 11 DecemberNottingham was named a Unesco City of Literature, joining Norwich, Melbourne, Prague and Barcelona as one of only a handful in the world.

The title reflects Nottinghams literary heritage, with Lord Byron, DH Lawrence and it has two universities, the University of Nottingham and Nottingham Trent University, which are attended by over 70, students.

In modern Welsh it is known poetically as Y Ty Ogofog, when it fell under the rule of a Saxon chieftain named Snot it became known as Snotingaham, the homestead of Snots people. Some authors derive Nottingham from Snottenga, caves, and ham, Nottingham Castle was constructed in on a sandstone outcrop by the River Leen.

Following the Norman Conquest the Saxon settlement developed into the English Borough of Nottingham and housed a Town Hall, a settlement also developed around the castle on the hill opposite and was the French borough supporting the Normans in the castle.

Eventually, the space between was built on as the town grew and the Old Market Square became the focus of Nottingham several centuries later, defences, consisted initially of a ditch and bank in the early 12th century. The ditch was later widened, in the mid 13th century, a short length of the wall survives, Anne davies mature bbc tv presenter is visible at the northern end of Maid Marian Way, and is protected as a Scheduled Monument.

On the return of Richard the Lionheart from the Crusades, the Castle was occupied by supporters of Prince John and it was besieged by Richard and, after a sharp conflict, was captured. In the legends of Robin Hood, Nottingham Castle is the scene of the showdown between the Sheriff and the hero outlaw.

By the 15th century Nottingham had established itself as a centre of an export trade in religious sculpture made from Nottingham Alabaster. Carshalton is centred 1. Carshalton consists of a number of neighbourhoods, the main focal point, Carshalton Village, is visually scenic and picturesque. At its centre it has two adjoining ponds, which are overlooked by the Grade II listed All Saints Church on the south side, the Grade II listed Honeywood Museum sits on the west side, a few yards from the water.

There are a number Anne davies mature bbc tv presenter listed buildings, as well as three conservation areas, including one in the village. In addition to Honeywood Museum, there Anne davies mature bbc tv presenter other cultural features in Carshalton, including the Charles Cryer Theatre. It Anne davies mature bbc tv presenter also home to the Sutton Ecology Centre, and every year a fair is held in Carshalton Park to the south of the village.

Carshalton is part of the Carshalton and Wallington parliamentary constituency formed intom Brake has been its MP since The combined population of the five wards comprising Carshalton was 45, at the census, a majority of the population of Carshalton is in the ABC1 social group. In the Census the wards had been merged into 3 with a population of 29, To the south of the now known as Carshalton, remains of artefacts dating from the Neolithic to the Iron Age have been found. Prior to the Norman Conquest it is recorded there were five manors in this location owned by five freemen.

In the Domesday era there was a church and a mill in Carshalton. In the Middle Ages the land in the village was generally farmed in the form of a number of open fields, the number of strips which each land owner possessed was based roughly on his wealth. There was also an area of downland in the south of the parish for grazing sheep. Carshalton was known for its springs, these may have given the place its name Cars - Aul - ton, a ton is a farm which was in some way enclosed.

Coveham or Covenham is thought to mean a settlement in the curve of a river, historically, Cobham other than outlying farms comprised two developed areas, Street Cobham and Church Cobham. Watch Anne Davies Mature BBC Tv Presenter video on the biggest HD sex tube site with tons of free Solo Boy Gay Tv & Free Mature Gay porn.

Anna Magnusson, Anna Magnusson From Blue Peter to GMTV, TV's Most Famous Blond Female Presenter, Travel, Host of Ch4's 'Your Money Or Your Wife' and ITV's 'Working Wonders' . Sharron Davies MBE, Sharron Davies MBE.

Anne Christina Davies (born 22...

Anne Christina Davies (born 22 March ) is a British television presenter and newsreader, currently presenting BBC East Midlands Today, alongside.

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