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Apple tv hookups in a camper


Ways to watch TV in my new camper Dec 10, Messages: Specifically if there is no cable hook up. I do have an Apple TV.

Looking for local channels and ways to watch sports. I know I cab mirror my phone to watch espn on the Apple Tv.

Thanks ahead of time. Dec 11, Messages: The HD antenna normally works pretty good for local channels. I have an in motion satellite system now. BJul 2, Mar 29, Messages: I'd just get a long enough run of coax so you can move the antenna around to find the best reception possible.

Might be outside on the roof or in a window. F4Gary Veteran Seminole Insider. Sep 7, Messages: What kind of "camper" Apple tv hookups in a camper you have. Most motorhomes, 5th wheels, and travel trailers have a crank up antenna on the roof. There are retrofit hd antennas that you can put on it.

Some RV Parks have Cable...

Otherwise, a household portable one would work if local channels are available. I'm going to go with a tailgater. Tired of poor rv park cable.

Sep 19, Messages: Nov 5, Messages: If you had an android you would know the answers to these questions. Mar 20, Messages: Still would like to know what kind of RV you have. We got an RV two months ago and purchased a dish and got Dish Network. We've been camping 3 times and have gotten a signal only once due to being blocked by trees.

We're on a trip out west right now and on day 5 we are on the satellite but have been using our antenna for local stations.

Nov 25, Messages: Set one of your Apple tv hookups in a camper as a mobile Apple tv hookups in a camper a day use an iPad or other phone exchange to stream to the Apple TV with all devices connecting over the Hotspot. Thanks for the help fellas. Jan Apple tv hookups in a camper, Messages: Sorry, if you're watching TV you're not really "camping".

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Yes, my password is: Forum development by Audentio Design. The connections with the streaming device: HDMI cable and it's power source.

For the video we created we used an iPhone and an Apple TV.

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If you have a fast and unlimited cable internet hook-up, then these data Streaming Devices (AppleTV, Chromecast, Roku, etc.) . hours of media when you just don't feel like trekking out of your RV or boat to explore. With AppleTV though you'd need v (gen or hookup). Much like "check your fuses" in our campers, with computer systems "check your cables" is usually a.

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