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Women in their 20s dating men in their 40s having

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Women are amazing creatures. They can be fragile but strong. They can be brave yet vulnerable. They can be funny and witty but they can also be cut throat high hilled tigers. Women are said to rule the world. Men cannot get enough of them. The feminine power is undeniably strong. But what do women on their forties have that men in their 20s absolutely dig them. Women in their forties are unlike women in their twenties and a little bit like the women in their thirties. Most women in their forties are already stable and have a strong career.

They have mastered the art of getting dressed up and the art of stripping their clothes off. They are absolutely mystifying. Women in their forties are not old, they are just in their Women in their 20s dating men in their 40s having have you seen Jennifer Aniston lately?

A long, long time ago, women in their forties have resigned themselves to staying home and waiting for the grand kids to pop out, but not anymore. The new millennium has turned things around. Before older men pry on young women and set aside women who are more mature, but now they are like the prime cuts of steak; everybody just wants a piece of them.

As I am still in my early thirties. I have navigated the days when I was only starting my career in my twenties. And now that I have started to really have a savings account and have a plan on buying a house, I had come to understand why men who are young and hot find women in their middle age so alluring.

Men love older sexy women because they are just like wine. They grow better with age. They become delicate, crisp and so addicting. We younger women can take this into example. I want to be able to just shop for the stuff that really need and save more.

I want to be able to go to a restaurant and know what I want. I want to be able to enjoy my food without being guilty. Here are the reasons why Women in their 20s dating men in their 40s having in their 40s are just so irresistible.

Women in their forties are confident — Women in their forties have already gone through so much in life. They have experienced enough crap for them to be confident in their own skin. They have good careers, a decent amount of savings and they know which outfit flatter their figures. They know how to feel sexy. They are not insecure but rather classy.

They are not desperate and cloying for attention. Women in their forties are like lionesses in the African Women in their 20s dating men in their 40s having, they know what that they can deliver a kill.

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They take no bullshit — We women think we are empowered but to some extent we bargain for the sole purpose of getting peace and balance.

On the other hand women in their forties have no time or patience to standby people and things that do not give them the right results. Men find this really interesting and challenging. It is very sexy to see a woman who can totally be in control of her life. But unlike younger women.

They know the right kind of strategies. They know how to navigate their way through mostly everything. Men in their twenties normally want to play around, but they get to be Women in their 20s dating men in their 40s having with older women. They long for that discipline.

I am in my mid-forties...

They know women who are forty-ish are going to dispose them if they are just going to play games so they try to be good. They are self-sufficient — Chivalry is not yet dead, but sometimes men also want to take a rest from picking up the bill from dinner. It is nice to know that a woman does not really care about how much you make, but rather is interested in how good you are in conversation, life or sex.

They are mysteriously sexy — There is just absolutely something mystifyingly sexy about women in their later years. Take Sarah Jessica Parker for example. She is 50 now but she can still turn heads of men when she walks down the street.

No crap, no BS. Just...

Women in their forties know that investing in a good pair of lingerie goes a long way and that foreplay is not just for women but also for men. They put on musky perfume that do not overpower the senses but rather wake it up in a sensual way. They know how to work a white shirt and Women in their 20s dating men in their 40s having matched with a killer set of heels.

They know the little black dress is so much better than the most fashionable dress that just came out from the stores.

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The red lipstick and some mascara makes them look hot way better than a ton of make-up. They have money and are not desperate — Women in their forties do not beg. They work hard and they know how to value things. They have already gone through the phase of balancing their check books and drinking too much martinis in the past. They have enough experience. They may not have a ton of money, but they have enough to live decently.

They are not desperate to be loved, they love themselves already. Men just love women who are able to run their lives well. They are wise — Boy will be boys. Sometimes they long for some motherly pampering. Motherly in the sense of not being treated like a child but motherly in the sense that more mature women can give them decent advise on their work, life and almost everything.

They Women in their 20s dating men in their 40s having have tactics into making money work, having great sex and living a fulfilled way. This is a really great way for a man to find someone to lean on and support him. Take Ashton Kutcher for example with Demi Moore.

Yes they may have broken up but he says that she gave him valuable advice in his life. So why do men love older women? This is a question a lot of women in their 20s ask. In fact remains as it is, but no one is surprised by the fact that a mature woman can be dating a young man. Ladies in their forties have officially experienced so much in life. Heck some of my friends parents Women in their 20s dating men in their 40s having in their 50's and their partner is in their 30's ( each way around).

actively search people of older ages, some of my friends have dated guys about 10 years on them, simply because Is it wrong for a man in his 40's to like women in their 20's?.

What attracts men into dating other men ?. A man who knows older men dating younger women is a gender norm, smiling with Men in their 20s tend to match with women almost their same age while Men in their 40s typically match with women who are 2 years years younger.

In general, men who message women younger than them have an.

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