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Dating and praying together


Obviously, prayer is a huge part of the life of a Christ follower. You will never hear me by the grace of God Dating and praying together someone that he or she should not pray; however, before a couple commits to marry each other, I would recommend that they exercise caution in spending too much time praying together. Of the spiritual intimacies discussed in this series, prayer is one of the most intimate spiritual experiences you can share with another person.

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Whether or not dating couples should pray together is a touchy subject. Both people need to be enjoying a rich prayer life on their own and praying for God to be glorified in their relationship; but, spending a lot of time praying together can lead to the following scenarios:. Just as I noted in the post in this series about reading the Bible togetherpraying together can cause a couple who is simply getting to know each other to form a tight bond that may not be in their best interest as not Dating and praying together relationship is meant to move forward to marriage.

If you believe the Lord is directing you to end your dating relationship, it will be much harder to do so once you and your boyfriend or girlfriend have bonded your hearts together through intimate and especially consistent times of prayer. Prayer was Dating and praying together meant to be a shallow experience. When we Dating and praying together before the Lord, Dating and praying together confess sin and make our needs and desires known at least, verbally — God already knows what we needand sometimes we cry out to Him with our questions and frustrations.

Prayer is a time of full disclosure. If we allow someone to be involved in those times of prayer, we are placing a lot of trust in him or her. Would you walk up to a stranger and confess that you have a pornography addiction? Would you nonchalantly mention to your entire homeroom, dorm, or boardroom that you are dealing with gut wrenching regret over a past abortion or a sexually-centered relationship? If you invite your boyfriend or girlfriend into your uncensored prayer times, you are inviting him or her into the depths of your heart.

Is your relationship ready for that? Maybe you are wondering how in the world praying together can open couples up to tempting situations as mentioned above.

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Attending a Christian college, it was not uncommon to see couples praying together. I recall seeing a young man and woman sitting together at a table in the prayer garden. They were leaned in close together and holding hands. Prayer is often considered a private affair by many people, so it may be uncommon for people to sit outside in a public place to pray.

With that being said, if you and your sweetheart spend a lot of time praying together that probably Dating and praying together means you are spending a lot of time alone together unless you are praying together over some technological medium such as Skype, Google Hangouts, or FaceTime. When you pray with someone you care about — and with someone whom you are very attracted — you will probably want to hold hands.

Opening up emotionally often leads to physical touch. This is Dating and praying together reason physical affairs tend to happen after a man and woman have given themselves to improper emotional bonding. We need Dating and praying together commune with our Heavenly Father. If you are in a dating relationship, I would recommend that you pray together occasionally, in a public place i. There comes Dating and praying together time in relationships for raw, uncensored candor, but a dating relationship is not likely the time.

Spiritual Intimacy and Dating, Part 4. Please enter your e-mail address. You will receive a new password via e-mail. Christian dating couples must pray together. If dating couples don't pray together, they're not doing what Christian dating couples should do.

Dating and Praying: How to Navigate Dating and praying together Intimacy Praying together is an unbelievable way to strengthen a friendship and lead each other closer to Christ.

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Praying together while dating is important, but there are also things to be careful of as well. 3 reasons you shouldn't pray together outlines.

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