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Dating an iim guy


Saurabh Jain and Viman share their stories, tell Dating an iim guy what women should be prepared for, and what men are really looking for. And, apparently, he had a hard time defining the criteria he wanted in a wife. He wanted to know what kind of girl I wanted to marry. Sadly for Saurabh, not everyone thought this way. Well, good for him, I told her.

The matrimonial process is such that you get tons of responses. And there are a zillion Dating an iim guy out there, whether online or in the papers. I think this, more than anything, leads to families in the modern age having parameters such as engineer or doctor, working, non-working, and so on.

How else do you cut things down to manageable size? In his case, age was an important filter. Which would lead to problems, obviously. Women mature faster than men — mentally, that is — so, as a guy, you should look for someone a tad bit Dating an iim guy than you.

This was the conventional wisdom passed on to me, and I took it at face value. Saurabh laughs that he had the advantage of knowing what the process of spouse-hunting involves. A year before he went through the drill, his sister did. So I was very categorical with my parents that I decide who to interact with. And they need to pre-filter for creeps. His dad gave out his number to an engineering Dating an iim guy who was working with a software company.

She called him and asked to meet. He was working in Bangalore at the time, and so they met there. Went on and on about how she and her friends all wanted to marry IIT-ians.

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Okay, I was marrying a human, she was marrying a qualification. That weekend, I was in Chennai. I often was those days. This girl decides to follow Dating an iim guy, all by herself! Yep, I know how it is to be stalked, thanks to the matrimonial process. Thankfully for him, his next meeting was with the woman he would go on to marry and have two children with. We were both in different cities, so we met up in a third city. We spent a day together, it felt good, and that evening itself, we decided to get hitched.

We share common tastes and interests, such as travel. So there was, like, a plan for the foreseeable future—at least we can travel together. Saurabh knew what was important to him in a Dating an iim guy. Top of the list was good conversation. And also from a living-together-sharing-the-same-room-and-loo point of view. Stepping Dating an iim guy to give gyan on what men want, he says that, while everyone looks for slightly different things, the thumb rule is that people want good company, in line with their tastes and preferences.

Men nowadays are careful both in terms of choosing the women they want to spend their lives with, and making sure that they work on their marriage. Times are changing, Dating an iim guy. When asked about sharing chores, he suggests marriage is a good way to get out of maid trouble. But not in the sense women may take umbrage at.

I know enough guys stuck in the US because their better half must complete that useless PhD from some random American university. No one has the time to match things up perfectly. Understanding what you want. Of the other gender.

Life after IIM

Who has a different set of bodily smells, and opinions on the way your clothes smell. He has an interesting comparison for what men go through after marriage.

Curiosity and disgust go hand in hand. Men see that their wives menstruate. Women begin to appreciate that Dating an iim guy and farting are natural human processes, but somehow they never manage to complete this process of appreciation. So, what women should expect from marriageaccording to Saurabh is:. And your own house Dating an iim guy set up.

You inherit a lot of friends from your spouse, who are often nicer than your own friends, because you were smart enough to marry a guy much cooler than you! Viman was born in Bangalore, but his family moved to the US when Dating an iim guy was two years old, and he has been living there since.

hilarious, truthful and revengeful confessions...

He did visit India regularly over Dating an iim guy years, since his grandparents live here. However, he says he is very American in some ways, despite being exposed to a good deal of Indian culture, as it were. It is a long wish list, which many of his friends said was unrealistic, and it was further complicated by the fact that he is an NRI, with traditional leanings. Despite his frequent trips to India, there was bound to be a disconnect, which would be manifested in accent, upbringing and worldview, among other factors.

While many of his friends initially preferred a girl from the US, some did not. So I understood more of the social aspect of India, what the young kids do, and what their lives are like. Sometimes, there is a fear that girls from India are either too orthodox or not traditional at all.

So, definitely there was some hesitation initially, but ultimately what really helped me was that my wife had significant exposure to the Western world. One of her closest friends in med school was from Canada, and so she knew of the little things, subtle aspects of our culture, and that helps us build on it. When it came to his parameters for a bride, caste was high on the priority list. He did have cousins who had not married within the caste. However, he adds that it was not an issue of superiority or inferiority, but had more to do with cultural identity.

So I decided any south. Indian Brahmin was okay. I also love music and culture, and Dating an iim guy wanted someone who would appreciate that. One of his other criteria was common communication grounds. His wife was raised in Ahmedabad, but her native tongue is Kannada. As if all this were not enough, he also wanted to marry a tall girl. He had spoken to many Dating an iim guy, but nothing had worked out.

Her name was Sahana. Dating an iim guy contacted her parents, and after they spoke, they passed the information on to Viman and Sahana. Dating an iim guy him, she too was Dating an iim guy doctor, and, unlike him, she had had a stint with modelling.

We had some exchanges, and she was studying for her medical boards, so we became friends and talked. After I learned about her modelling and such, I became sceptical. He felt Sahana was too liberal, from the way she spoke. And then I got annoyed by the extra research her family was doing, trying to have people call me and learn more about me, rather than use the direct approach. Other proposals came in for both of them, and they would discuss those with each other.

They chatted for four months or so, as friends. Now that he knew who he was going to marry, there was the matter of whether she could adapt to life in the US—a big concern for anyone making the transition from India to America. Most of us have seen images of a country where taxis are readily available, where people seem to spend all day at cafes, and everyone can apparently afford a posh apartment in Manhattan, while being unemployed.

Viman feels TV and flying visits have given people a false idea of America. In other words, globalization has made things Dating an iim guy by replacing ignorance with preconceived notions. I think in-person exposure is huge.

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He points Dating an iim guy that there are two types of NRIs-those who are more Western, and those who are more traditional. The realities of life Dating an iim guy America would force one out of the world of sitcoms and dramas. The realities of an American wife include having to drive to the supermarket, and run errands in addition to going to work. I think, as an immigrant, you want your wife to at least be able to do the things your mother can, to put it bluntly.

Viman feels the transition is easier for girls who grow up in urban India. Sahana, for instance, had her own car and had been driving in India for many years. Here, we are taught to be more independent and choose what is best for us. Sacrifice is a hard concept to accept sometimes, but is more readily acceptable in India—which makes NRIs seem much more selfish, because we are taught to fight for what we want.

NRIs are taught to ask questions and understand why, whereas in India, asking why is considered a sign of challenging authority. The same goes with living with in-laws—many Indian girls are not willing to live with their in-laws. Ask that person questions about day-to-day life, ask questions about hypothetical scenarios, talk to friends of the person you are interested in, so you have different perspectives and are not biased.

Of course, one of the most difficult aspects of migration, for a modern, educated, intelligent woman, is that it necessitates a long period away from family before she can get her visa. Then, the couple can get legally married in the US. This gets processed faster, and women will not have to stay away from their Dating an iim guy while they wait for green cards. Do you get jitters on the thought of dating an MBA student?

all the hard work of finding a perfect socially Dating an iim guy guy with fat pay checks. hilarious, truthful and revengeful confessions from some IIM guys. date trap · Affair after IIM. Advanced strategies to land in a dream job?. Who says a guy from IIT will necessarily look for a girl from IIT or IIM to Dating an iim guy We' re caught in such stereotypes way too much,” says Abhinav.

And if you are mate who wants to be married and think that romance is defined before Yash Raj movies featuring Shahrukh Khan in coloured sweaters, then you're in serious trouble. No, in spite of Fair and Lovely can't fix your life. Demand Mr Ajay Gupta. Mr Gupta, being a determined gentleman familiar with the great Indian tradition of jugaad , decided to come to their let go free. So he started a website meant for these sought after yet much-misunderstood men of the fatherland. Now you might regard as we are talking around Chetan Bhagat.

So Gupta started iitiimshaadi. This website, claims its founder, compel find them a effervescence.

Life after MBA from IIM,...

A study group is perhaps the second most important thing you need to get right at IIM-A the first being your balance sheet in the Financial Reporting and Analysis exam. New Zealand Women beat Pakistan Women by 54 runs. Our experience with you guys has been awesome. Uttam Ghosh , Placecom. A Diwali wish that went terribly wrong. And they need to pre-filter for creeps.

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I found out some shocking statements. With due respect to all IIMs, I will start my post……. This is the greater prominent question asked in ever and anon PI and i. Why do you want to do MBA? Advanced strategies to land in a dream job? Hard effort sometimes never pays off …….

What does he think of me? Do you get jitters on the thought of dating an MBA student? all the hard work of finding a perfect socially approved guy with fat pay checks. Jobs 1 - 23 Iit iim dating site - Find single woman in the US with online dating. Free to join to find a man and meet a woman online who is single and looking for..

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Many would believe, life after MBA should be cool. For a few who get their dream jobs right out of campus, that may be true. Why is it that graduates from IIT, IIM and many other elite institutions and universities starting buying GMAT preparation books and repeat the competitive admissions process, this time with international bschools?

This may seem strange to folks from other countries. But in India, a significant number of IIT graduates end up in industries and roles that their Btech degrees have little relation with. So you could have a Btech in Metallurgy graduate from IIT Kharagpur developing test cases for custom developed software to be implemented for a financial services client. Compared to a tough field job with a mediocre salary, a Civil Engineer from IIT Roorkee might prefer the air-conditioned campus in Mysore with a nice salary, free gym membership and unlimited coffee from the well-stocked cafetaria.

After a point in time, the guy who was hailed by his relatives as the reincarnation of Steve Jobs starts getting disillusioned. So after 4 long years in an engineering course, they head back into class to gain additional insights into the wonderful world of management. The best management consulting firms in India , the top investment banks, private equity funds flock to the campus to shower a select few top performers with attractive roles and high salaries.


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About ME: I am ready to have a good time. Someone that likes to have a good time. But, enjoy all kinds of food, and to travel. I would like to hear detailed thoughts about what you're into or curious about trying.

Dating an iim guy
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