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Dating site lawsuit


There is absolutely no cost to you to submit this form. Doing so places you under no obligations and does not establish an attorney-client relationship. Subscribe by RSS or Email. This is a settlement for the It's Just Lunch deceptive business practices lawsuit. According to the lawsuit, the site' customers claimed they were overcharged for allegedly personalized matchmaking services while disregarding daters' stated preferences such as age, employment and marital status, and Dating site lawsuit background.

Fill Out A Claim Form. Posted by Marjorie Bertram on April 26, I have had only 2 dates I asked for money back and they Dating site lawsuit "that is not an option, we will give you 2 more dates" What a joke and ripoff. If anyone plans to take Dating site lawsuit in Florida, let me know.

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I tried and tried Dating site lawsuit cancel the contract buy they didn't return my call until day 4 and then said it was too late to honor the refund. Very rude customer service and communication.

A City worker is suing...

Posted Dating site lawsuit Teresa on November 9, I have had Dating site lawsuit 2 dates and my 6 months are about to expire. I asked for money back and they said "that is not an option, we will give you 2 more dates" What a joke and ripoff. If anyone plans to take action in Cincinnati, let me know. Posted by Mark on October 5, Guys, they are trying to get me to sign a contract today actually.

What should I ask them? Should I tell them I want a lawyer to Dating site lawsuit the proposed Dating site lawsuit they sent me already? Contact me pls, and refer me to anyone. Posted by Wendy on August 1, It's not lunch is what it should be called.

I so regret doing this. The dating director Mike was useless and now I've asked for a manager, Pilar. My profile was not accurate and the 2 profiles I've had presented to me were not even a close match. It's a rip off, Dating site lawsuit if anyone in California is interested, I am looking into lawsuit. The company is fraudulent and needs to be stopped.

A City worker is suing...

They advertise on TV and Dating site lawsuit, which we are paying for. Posted by Katherine on July 29, Never got the last date bc account was put on hold due to no activity in my area and dissatisfaction with my service. How is that a person I could potentially call a love interest when my goal is marriage? He was a smoker too which was my top "deal breaker" 2nd date: Needless to say a second date didn't happen 3rd date: Worst date of my life and really scary.

This man told me he didn't pay a dime for the service and that he was on disability for his mental disorders - panic disorder, ADHD, congnitive delays!!! He didn't even have a job and asked me to pay Dating site lawsuit my own dinner.

He later blew up my phone with name calling and cuss words because I said I had no interest in talking to Dating site lawsuit or seeing him again. Customer service was aweful - very poor communication after they got my money. They are not interested in sending people on great dates. They are interested in sending you on any date so they can say they have fulfilled their promise.

There were long periods Dating site lawsuit time between each presented "match". It was so bad I started crying and was afraid after the last date to Dating site lawsuit them with another.

They refused to give me any money back. They told so many lies to have me sign up. Hope this can help someone, don't want others to get into the mess I did. They prey on the Dating site lawsuit, vulnerable professional. Posted by April Andrews on June 27, Posted by Savannah on June Dating site lawsuit, Does anyone have an update on the class action lawsuit? I have not heard back from them since June of Posted by Shawn on June 13, This comment is for Charlie.

Im in Toronto and would gladly join in a lawsuit against IJL with you. Im not going to explain my experience because theres no need for more redundancies. Posted by maggy on May 10, It was a big rip off ,I wish I had done a little bit research about them before sign. I'm so disappointed and something fishy is there about this business.

Please, please do not sign with them ,you can so much better on your own.

So, if you have been...

I have plan to take them to court for their misrepresentation. Posted by Jewel Shindler on March 31, The woman who signed me up told me my dates would be in San Luis Obispo which is in the area where I live.

Santa Clara, CA: A preliminary...

Truly, I would not have understood about the hub areas in the contract and I took this woman at her word, Dating site lawsuit turned out to be a lie. It took about 6 months before they contacted me to let me know they had a date for me in Santa Monica, Ca for a dinner date. I live 8 hours round trip from Santa Monica and I refused the date. I repeatedly asked for my money back due to not living any where near Dating site lawsuit of the dating sites.

I moved to an area near where I was already living and the contract stated that if you move and are more than 50 miles from the hub areas you can be refunded, so I requested a refund and was told no, that I hadn't moved 50 miles from where I was living. But that is not what the contract said. There never were plans to refund me. I was told I am irresponsible and Dating site lawsuit contract was put on hold and Dating site lawsuit the account was closed out due to my refusing to drive so far for a date.

Needless to say, I hate It's Just Lunch and hope their company goes Dating site lawsuit. Posted by Brianne Sloan on January 27, You know, just to keep my hand in. So "It's Just Lunch"? The website was Dating site lawsuit than Dating site lawsuit little cryptic and it seemed the only way to find out a simple price was to send in my phone number and have some idiot call me, which some idiot did almost immediately.

A New York widower says...

Well, how much will this lunch cost? Well, we'll get to that. The price is not important, what is important is finding males for you to meet face to face Dating site lawsuit lunch. I cannot go to the mailbox without meeting some harebrained male face to face, I just want to know a price.

Well, our experts know the right males for you and if you just give me two minutes of your time. At this point I had been on the phone for ten and after twenty, the conversation had not moved any closer to lunch.

Also the stupid, stupid woman still had not even hinted at a price! After a quick speech on how any self Dating site lawsuit woman should be wildly insulted at even the thought of paying for lunch, I politely Dating site lawsuit up.

In the two hours since, I have had this exact conversation with at least two more idiots because the idiots call and call and never stop! Not even a guarantee. Hold out for dinner. And there Dating site lawsuit go! I do the research so YOU don't have to! Posted by Charley on January 26, I'm in the same boat as everyone and wish I had read more before diving in, but even still you can't imagine the service is actually as bad as it is I'm in Toronto would like to find others to peruse legal action in Canada.

Posted by Joyce on December 15, I have had all the same Dating site lawsuit with IJL. I have consistently complained and they refuse to give me any kind of refund. Now that my contract has expired, they refuse to make an effort to resolve the issue.

Posted by Su Y. Seh on November Dating site lawsuit, Yes, I agree everyone who posted negatively about It's just luch dating service. They are beyond awful and they need to be out of business. They are fraud and scamming of our hard earned money. Badoo, another dating service owned by Russian entrepreneur Andrey Andreev, is Bumble's majority owner, with a 79 percent stake. A City worker is suing an elite dating service for her £12, 'gold' membership fee after accusing them of not putting her in touch with 'the man.

A woman is suing an 'exclusive' dating agency for damages after she The Knightsbridge-based agency – which claims on its website to be.

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