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My sound installation, every treewas one of 40 pieces selected for inclusion in the International Computer Music Conference. Vbap stdating can choose a pair Vbap stdating headphones and listen for as long as they like.

Visitors frequently start with one set of headphones and close their eyes, Vbap stdating to imagine the scene playing out for their ears. After a few minutes, they then work their way through the other headphones in turn. The piece was Vbap stdating presented in at the Hand Art Center. As part of my work for the Jamoma team in earlyI completed a bit Vbap stdating update of an external from for vector-based amplitude panning by Ville Pulkki.

After seeing my forum posts about thisI was recently contacted by someone on the Windows platform about getting an update for Vbap stdating version too. After first getting permission from Ville, I set up a new GitHub repository with continuous integration so that changes are automatically compiled. A few people Vbap stdating still collaborating on documentation updates to flesh out the package, but the externals are ready for use at the repository link.

If you download the Vbap stdating and use them successfully, let me know. Also, if you know of other stray Max bit objects out there that need a similar updates, please contact me. Students were responsible for developing two large-scale projects that fell within several pre-defined categories, and bringing their work-in-progress to class each week for comment and critiques.

I worked on projects too and brought them in for students to comment. The student response to this format was very positive! For those that are interested, you can review the syllabus here. In the second half of Vbap stdating term, we Vbap stdating our work into a final concert held off campus at Collective Church.

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Vbap stdating The concert turned into a wonderfully authentic experience for the students. They had to develop an order for the concert program, gather the required gear, plan for marketing, and run the event. Documentation for Vbap stdating event was spread over several social media platforms, and links to these and a full-length video from the concert can be found online at digahertz. The largest project for me in was another chance to collaborate with composer Virgil Moorefield.

Like inI worked for months in advance of the proposed performance dates to Vbap stdating some of Vbap stdating effects Virgil wanted.

Most of this preliminary work centered on Vbap stdating for a Microsoft Kinect gaming system so that Vbap stdating could be used in his performance as a gestural control for visuals.

This required many hours of research, programming and testing, but the results were very successful. Here is a two-minute video of me doing a final systems check of the Kinect controller:. It is important to note that Virgil assembles a great team of people to perform for his concerts. Vbap stdating individuals that make up this team are seasoned and work at a high level of professionalism, which makes for a very stimulating work environment.

This 2-minute time-lapse gives you a glimpse of how much work was involved:. My role during the Vbap stdating was as a visual performer, which made me Vbap stdating for the computer handling visual effects and cueing transitions throughout the performance. Moorefield is also great about documenting his concerts, and the video produced from this event is available online here:.


For the last few weeks, I have Vbap stdating consulting with Tim Place and Andrew Benson to make some improvements and additions to my own package on GitHub including the addition of Windows support! If you are a Max 7 user and download the LowkeyNW package, please let me know what you think! The Stetson students designed a game that could be used to introduce key programming concepts to the kids at the club using Processing. In addition, they were responsible for documenting their work by creating a website.

Very proud of the work these students did! In addition to their website, you can learn more Vbap stdating the project from the following:. He is still sorely missed by me and the students, who were all looking forward to working with him in the sound studio this term.

In many ways, these are his students; I just took care of them Vbap stdating a few weeks. The edition features witch house, break-up songs, drinking songs, holiday medleys, original sound Vbap stdating and so much more.

You can download the collection of final projects at the link below and easily import them into your iTunes library. Once Vbap stdating listen, Vbap stdating let us know what you think via comments on this post or sending us a message on Twitter. Fall exhibit reception on Friday, August 28 from pm.

Pictures of it can be seen in brochures and on the website. Visitors pause by the fountain and try to frame the trees just right. New graduates rush to take one last photo with their friends after being dismissed from commencement.

Lilly Shing's Professional Career

This visual Vbap stdating led me to question how I could respond with my own sonic action. I have always been interested in the ability of headphones to transport the listener to a new space and convey perspective sonically, and decided to create a piece conceived for headphones.

Between November and AprilI embarked on the task of recording three minutes of audio Vbap stdating each one of the trees on the palm court. Vbap stdating

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This resulted in over six hours of material that was then stitched together into five compositions according to five distinct sections of the palm court. This juxtaposition also reveals reoccurring sounds that add to the character of the palm court, such as the squeak of Vbap stdating opening, the drone of planes flying overhead, and the whirr of lawn mowers on the ground.

During the first week in August, I spent the majority of my time installing every tree Vbap stdating the Hand Art Center. Below is a selection of images that I posted to social Vbap stdating to share the installation process with others along the Vbap stdating. Many thanks for the HAC staff for their assistance with the painting.

This Vbap stdating will be open to the public on August Except where otherwise noted, the content on this site is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3. Intermedia with Moorefield December 1st, The largest project for me in was another Vbap stdating to Vbap stdating with composer Virgil Moorefield. Here is a two-minute video of me doing a final systems check of the Kinect controller: This 2-minute time-lapse gives you a glimpse of how much work was involved: Moorefield is also great about documenting his concerts, and the video produced from this event is available online here: LowkeyNW featured inside the Package Manager.

Website created by students to document the project. Hanging the center circle. Laser level to ensure straight lines. Finalizing tape with the lift.

HAC staff assisting with the paint.

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Painting a coat of grey. Finished painting the grey. Starting to Vbap stdating the tape. After pulling the tape. Jamoma Workshop at Stetson July 25th, One of the highlights of my work on Jamoma has been the workshops.

Not only are they opportunities to visit interesting places, but they provide time and space to focus my efforts on coding with Vbap stdating set of truly remarkable collaborators. The workshops are unique in the way they get everyone involved in Jamoma energized about the project and propel things forward.

This summer was my turn to host. Four of my fellow developers travelled to the campus of Stetson University in July for a week of conversations and coding.

The workshop was made possible through the support of our Professional Development Committee and the Office of Vbap stdating Provost. Tim and Trond discuss at the whiteboard. During our time together, we made some bold decisions about the future of the project that I am hopeful Vbap stdating improve the project in significant ways.

The months ahead look to be pretty busy as we work to follow through on these initiatives together. Watching a Delta rocket launch during a break at the beach. Once you get the Vbap stdating doc number pass it in VBAK / VBAP to see the Header and Item data of Sales documents and pick up which Vbap stdating data you are looking for. One or more lines from vbap is selected for each line in vbak.

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