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In response to a query for clarification, the Press Office confirmed that the Castro Brothers referred to in the release were Wasani, 23, and. But by this morning, Police did an amazing about turn. The Police Press Office went to pains to state that there was no report involving the Castro brothers Wasani and Jafari Castro and that they were not being sought by Police.

We were unable to clear up the confusion because the report fingering the Castro brothers had been released by Inspector Fitzroy Yearwood of the Press Office. Amazingly, the matter seems to be done, because the Police Press Officer now claims that for the Police to take action somebody would have had to have seen what happened and made a report to Police and that has not happened.

Failing that, Police will do nothing. The attack in San Pedro Pastor aleman o pastor belga yahoo dating left Kevin Brown, 21, a Galen student and basketball player, in a coma. He had to be airlifted from San Pedro to a medical facility in Belize City.

Sources say that Brown and friends were partying when they got into an altercation with another group of young men, including Jafari Castro. At some point, sources claim, Brown was jumped by as many as 20 men, kicked and beaten and then one person hit him in the head with a fire extinguisher, which is what caused the most serious injury. Multiple sources claim at Pastor aleman o pastor belga yahoo dating two men were detained on Sunday night and released. The Police Press Office now says that is a lie.

Pastor aleman o pastor belga yahoo dating incident was also allegedly not the first of the weekend. Police sources tell us that the Castro brothers, with their friends, were on the island from Friday night when they were involved in a traffic accident on Pescador Drive.

The legend lives on

While Police and Traffic Officers responded to the scene, and we are told the brothers were clearly under the influence, again they were released. We were also told that the boys were approached by the GSU near Luna Loca on the island on Saturday after it was observed that they were smoking what appeared to be marijuana. This incident reveals yet again that on this animal farm, there is one set of rules for the normal animals, and none for the not normal UDP animals.

Thursday, 10 August As we go to press, there are reports that the UDP municipal convention scheduled for this weekend in Belmopan may be cancelled because of increasing discord within the municipal body which has spilled out to the national level.

We are also reliably informed that Mayor Khalid Belisle has threatened, again, to take his name off the slate because of the increasingly nasty and personal infighting. Currently social media is blowing up as Belmopan Area Representative John Saldivar has launched a tirade against Councillor Anna Banner, who he does not want back ono the slate.

Banner responded by accusing Saldivar of deliberately pushing her out because she did not support his at the UDP Deputy Leadership Convention last year. When Saldivar announced his new slate for the City Council, because it is a known fact that he wields total control over Pastor aleman o pastor belga yahoo dating Council, Banner responded by running on her own for re-election.

Insults have been flying all around in this UDP battle royale and it shows no Pastor aleman o pastor belga yahoo dating of stopping. Incredibly, it emerged that Banner has been ostracized by. The toddler was Tyreik Roberts, who burnt to death inside his home Pastor aleman o pastor belga yahoo dating it caught on fire. The blaze started on Sunday night, August 6, at around 9: I [am] left broken, but by the grace of God, I will come up on top again.

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By the time the fire was under control, it had destroyed the 4 homes displacing 17 residents. All of their possessions went completely up in flames. The Fire Department has taken harsh criticism from residents who say that their intervention to put out the fire came too late, when it had already done massive Pastor aleman o pastor belga yahoo dating to the structures.

The victims themselves tried to throw buckets of water on different parts of the fire, but it did nothing to quell the blaze. Immediately after the fire.

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Judging from the comments that outraged Saldivar and Councillors who seem to think that the sun rises and sets on the Area Representative of Belmopan. That said, sources tell us that Mayor Belisle has also raised the concern of violence at the Convention this weekend, since it has become a battle between John Saldivar and Patrick Faber, with all their run-men and hangers-on involved. They were Pastor aleman o pastor belga yahoo dating food, bedding, water and hygiene products so that their stay inside a classroom at the St.

Martin De Porres Primary School could be more comfortable. The Ministry has also committed to find them temporary housing for a period of 3 to 5 months, paid for with Government funds, so that they can try to rebuild their lives, in the wake of his disaster and tragedy. I am just here. And while that is going on, Mayor Kevin Bernard and his team are already planning another stage of road works which will get underway when this is done.

This week the Belize Times is proud to feature Mayor Kevin Bernard and his team because what has been done in Orange Walk Town has been done without any assistance from Central Government.

When the PUP got into office two terms ago, they met a significant debt burden left behind, including a huge overdraft that had not been serviced. There was also unpaid Pastor aleman o pastor belga yahoo dating Security contributions Pastor aleman o pastor belga yahoo dating unpaid Income Tax. When Central Government refused to Pastor aleman o pastor belga yahoo dating, Mayor Bernard and his Pastor aleman o pastor belga yahoo dating hunkered down and managed to pay off the debts and the overdraft.

Since then there have been challenges, including constant attacks from the UDP, but Mayor Bernard and his team never looked back. Prior to the last election, Prime Minister Dean Barrow went to Orange Walk and stood on a podium and told the people that if they wanted any development to come to Orange Walk, they would have to vote RED.

And the people rejected Dean Barrow and voted for continued development. What has been done in Orange Walk should be an example to all municipal administrations. Even those UDP administrations which have benefitted from Central Government largesse have been unable to match the work in Orange Walk. You are an example to be followed. Thursday, 10 August Southside cops have their hands full tonight investigating three separate murders in as many days. The latest victim is Christian Velasquez, 23, a mechanic.

Daniel Arzu, preliminary investigation has indicated that Velasquez may not have been the target and was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. Early Wednesday murder there was another murder, this time of a Guatemalan man, Ruben Esquivel Aguilar, Aguilar was at home with his sister.

His arms were bound and he had been stabbed multiple times and dumped there. His vehicle was discovered a few blocks away with the back seat covered in blood.

From the middle of the...

And as we go to press this evening, there are reports that two men were just shot on Antelope Street Extension. The extent of their injuries is not known. It can be recalled that there had been major attempts at brokering peace in the Southside by then Southside Commander ACP Chester Williams, and it had been working remarkable well.

Polls open at 9 a. The Convention takes place at St. School on Sunday August 20, True Blue Secretariat Website: Questions to Ministers Would the Member for Queen Square and Prime Minister please say how many tens of millions the government will now be seeking in disaster relief even though Tropical Storm Franklin completely missed Belize? Would the Member for Collet and Minister of Education please say why he is trying to force out the Principal of Gwen Lizarraga and is using his political thug Roosevelt Blades to harass her?

Could he say why he is so intimidated by strong women? Would the Member for Corozal Bay and Minister of Health please say why he insists on having his wife Danini Contreras Marin remain as Director of the Drug Inspectorate even though he has been advised on multiple occasions by health officials that it is a blatant conflict of interest?

Would the Member for Orange Walk East and junior Minister of Police please say if he is actively protecting the sons of the member for Belize Rural North who were allegedly involved in an incident in San Pedro? Could he say why Police have not been able to locate the Castro brothers for questioning in the incident? Pastor aleman o pastor belga yahoo dating the Member for Belize Rural North please say if his sons were involved in that assault which left a young man in a coma in San Pedro?

Would the unelected Senator, legend in his own mind and current Minister of Agriculture please confirm or deny reports that he has been approached to run against his colleague from Belize Rural North? Would the Member for Orange Walk North and former Minister of the Hotbed of Corruption please say how many parcels of land he and his family members now own in Belize, Pastor aleman o pastor belga yahoo dating through shady means when he was Minister? His sons keep messing with people because they seem to think because daddy does crap and gets away with it they can too.

Just a matter of time. I hear triple dread is defending his sons because he heard Police are looking for them. All of a sudden Police start behave like dehn knock dehn head, like dehn noh remembah how fuh count from 1 to 3.

Some ah unnu bozos behave worse than the keystone kops when politicians start call fuh unnu. Mein dah like wen unnu bawn, unnu testicles lef dah KHMH and get dash weh inna dih rubbish pile. But me noh deh mek unnu stress me nomo. Guatemala has taken the Sarstoon and is knocking at our damned doors and the bembe formerly known as John is having a catfight on Facebook. Patrick beat the fool like a big fat tired old drum. On the bright side, it beats Power and KTV for entertainment because everybody be fighting right now.

John even controls the Pastor aleman o pastor belga yahoo dating that are handed out at the Council. For a while now Khalid has wanted to roll, more so because he now has one foot under the big blue tent, so to speak. Oh boy do I support this idea. This is way past the mark.

The man is already down and out cause that stupid Franklin went North, and with it all those hours of air-time. See, Philloughby does disasters. The man IS a disaster. So there goes Franklin, leaving Philloughby behind in tears.

Then BAM, the man is attacked on Facebook by his baby momma, accusing him of all sorts of terrible stuff. But the timing is what gets to me. Trust me on that.

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Until next week cause writing about the UDP just tiad me lately. As with others before them, they detail, in black and white, what was happening in the hotbed of corruption under then Minister of Natural Resources Gaspar Vega. Scores of documents released in the past year have shown how Vega enriched himself and family members through shady land transactions and the abuse of his ministerial Pastor aleman o pastor belga yahoo dating. And there is no doubt it is the tip of the iceberg.

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In civilized countries politicians have gone to jail for Pastor aleman o pastor belga yahoo dating less than has been revealed about Vega, with corroborating evidence. For much less, in civilized countries, the ill-gotten assets of corrupt politicians have been seized. The microtonal Harwell restaffs, their paw gallop sara rue dating saurels paradigmatically. Pastor aleman o pastor belga yahoo dating. From the middle of the 17th century, the monks began keeping big mountain dogs for guarding and protection, a fact attested to in drawings dating from.

Continued from page 1 Jafari, 21, both sons of UDP Minister Edmond Castro. Email: [email protected] . Strangely, the letter dated AuBlades is accusing Dr. McKay gust 1st was not copied to anyone, y en el que también participan la italiana Impregilo, la belga Jan de Nul y la panameña Cusa.