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Women are superior


Women also have Women are superior superior sense of hearing and can distinguish between different scents far better than men can. Everyone knew that already, Women are superior it took psychology professor Diane Halpern to establish that women are better at navigating any given area by using landmarks, which makes them better at finding the lost keys and the missing remote control than men are.

Estrogen gives women a better natural defense system against bacteria and viruses, according to a study at McGill University. After all, they have to endure the equivalent of a bowling boll popping out Women are superior their vagina every time they give birth.

A Mayo Clinic study said that not only do Women are superior naturally have a better sense of memory than men, the gap widens with age. Researchers at the University of Western Ontario concluded that women are far better than men at handling the stress of job interviews.

Multiple studies on multitasking have shown that women are far superior to men when it comes to handling multiple jobs at once. This must be why no man in world history has been able to simultaneously cook Women are superior, talk on the phone, and change a diaper.

This goes against every possible sexist stereotype, but a study at the University of Sussex found that girls created much more highly sophisticated coding systems when designing 3D games than boys did. The International Journal of Business Governance and Ethics published research concluding that female-led companies are more successful than ones led by males. A Pew Research poll found that the public agrees—women make fairer, more compassionate, and more trustworthy leaders than men do.

This is why women pay lower car-insurance premiums.

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A Women are superior study Women are superior the University of Georgia and Columbia University found that female students are better at acquiring and retaining knowledge than men. And Department of Education stats show that men are more likely than women to drop out of college. A study conducted by Barclays Wealth and Ledbury Research found that female investors experience a higher return on their investment than men do mainly because testosterone impels men to take unnecessary risks.

A study by Merrill Lynch said that women also sell off their bad investments more quickly than men do. Women are superior greater evidence do you need of female biological superiority than the fact that women live about five years longer than men do?

As the old joke goes, why do men die younger than women?

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Because they want to. A new Thought Catalog series exploring our connection to each other, our food, and where it comes from. That made me feel better about myself. I feel as though sometimes I am inferior but the whole accident part is true, men are negligent drivers while women have a more emotional response to rendering of the consideration of others in traffic including themselves. Just like men feel the need and create dependency when it comes to masculinity, women need to feel feminine it is important.

My angst right now is what has profound me to this Blog, it cheered me up and whenever I feel powerless I will always look back on it. We can make a revolution.

Women are better than Women are superior in a lot of things. Women are just amazing. This article has scientific proof to back it Women are superior.

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A website by Thought. Sorry, guys, but the facts are in—and women win! More From Thought Catalog. Thought Catalog Stop Catcalling Me. Get our newsletter every Friday! Is it finally time to recognize that women are biologically superior to men? Anthropologist Barbara J. King says that suggestion hurts more than.

"I have three women in my house," said Anil Kapoor; "I think world should independent women, has always said that women are 'superior' in. According to IQ expert James Flynn, women now outscore men on Women are superior also have a superior sense of hearing and can Women are superior.

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