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Reismehl ersatz homosexual relationship


What do you think? They are not gay.

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I just don't think so. I don't think they are gay, but ersatz means substitute doesn't it? I do think they showed lots Reismehl ersatz homosexual relationship extremely couple-y behaviour as a substitute for the intimacy they weren't getting elsewhere.

I don't think they were sexually attracted to eachother, but I didn't take that to Reismehl ersatz homosexual relationship the meaning of 'Ersatz Homosexual Marriage', I took the meaning to be they had formed a pseudo couple as a substitute for real coupledom, and that Leonards mother was pointing out the kind of beyond friendship level of intimacy they'd formed.

I didn't think she actually meant they were gay, otherwise she'd have just called them a couple, not a subsitute couple. I don't think they are in one, but they do act like a couple most of the times. I'm not sure about what she said when he came back, haven't rewatched her comeback ep since first seeing it but come to terms with Reismehl ersatz homosexual relationship feelings isn't necessarily sexual, they denied having even the sexless substitute marriage when she first said it, she could mean it more along the lines of "have you admitted to yourselves I was right yet?

If she did make a sexual reference I guess it could just be the writers wanting to do a callback to that joke they found funny even if it didn't make sense. Beverly was a bit off in the episode she came back IMO.

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I still like her, but she was kind of off in places I think. I'm still not sure whether these 2 are homosexual and secretly attracted to each other or if it's just being played this way to create funny situations. The Big Bang Theory more polls. Would you like to see a Penny-Sheldon relationship in the future? Could Raj seduce you on a train?

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