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Skip to main content. Log In Sign Up. Prostitution in world cities ssin N. Vermeulen, eds, Reframing Prostitution. From Discourse to Description, from Moralisation to Normalisation? Prostitution has always fascinated the public and bewildered policy makers. Reframing Reframing Prostitution explores several aspects of this multidimensional phenomenon, examining different ways in which prostitution is and was being practised in different places and different times, best practices in the regulation of prostitution as well as wider social and psychological issues, such as the construction of prostitution as 94 prefecture rendez vous datingsite or of prosti- tutes as a socially problematic group or as victimised individuals.

The book also address- es normative questions with respect to policy making, unmasking the purposes behind certain societal reactions towards 94 prefecture rendez vous datingsite as well as proposing innovative solutions that could reconcile societal fears of exploitation and abuse while meeting the rights and Prostitution needs of individuals voluntarily involved 94 prefecture rendez vous datingsite prostitution.

From Discourse to Description, With contributions across social science disciplines, this international collection pre- from Moralisation to Normalisation? Antwerp Apeldoorn Portland Maklu pag.

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No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise without the prior per- mission of the editors and the publisher. Structure of the book Defining prostitution and prostitutes Societal reaction and legal situation Working spaces and conditions Demographic data and causes of prostitution Comparing different models and distilling best practices Ronald 94 prefecture rendez vous datingsite 1.

Study sites and methods Differences between three European cities Prostitution and its relations with informal economies Dominique Boels 1.

Prostitution and informal economy: Belgian policy 94 prefecture rendez vous datingsite prostitution Abolitionist 94 prefecture rendez vous datingsite with criminalisation of third parties Undeclared labour and income Ancillary activities and its participants Economic factors of prostitution: The economy of prostitution Global financial crisis and its effects on prostitution Sex for 94 prefecture rendez vous datingsite within biological market theory Economy as structure within which the prostitute displays its agency Societal reactions to economy and prostitution Talking about prostitution and the representation of a problematic group: On frames and policy Relevance in current policy debates, illustrations Framing prostitution in the Flemish media Prostitution networks and trafficking Other fragments related to prostitution Conclusion in the light of prostitution frames The gentrified post-industrial urban space Spaces of consumption and pleasure The Brussels Capital Region The construction of the Brazilian victim archetype The evolving trafficking narrative of the Brazilian woman Confronting the use of the victim archetype in Brazilian and Iberian narratives What is violent or criminally harmful about prostitution To punish or not to punish: What works in the regulation of the prostitution market?

Misconceptions and false claims concerning prostitution The prostitution market is homogeneous Prostitution is synonymous with human trafficking Prostitution is violence against women Prostitutes are traumatized and cannot choose to work in prostitution Violence is omnipresent in prostitution Regulating the prostitution sector Prostitution is demand driven The impact of limited legality: The impact of legalization: Aims of the law Positive effects of legalization in other countries Critique 94 prefecture rendez vous datingsite the Swedish and Dutch models Criticisms of the Swedish model Impact on male buyers Is the decrease in street prostitution real?

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Street workers are less safe Other harms caused by the law Criticisms of the legalization model Legal position of prostitutes Emotional well-being of prostitutes Does legalised prostitution lead to more human trafficking? Self-regulation and public-private cooperation in the prostitution sector Gert Vermeulen 1.

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Nuisance in the prostitution sector Vulnerability of the prostitution sector to human trafficking Problematic blurring of prostitution and human trafficking policies Guilty knowledge of clients?

Client criminalisation in policy and practice Client criminalisation based on strict liability Lifting of ban no undisputed success Bill regulating prostitution and tackling abuses in the sex sector Self-regulation and quality labelling of the sexual services market as an alternative basis for client criminalisation? Sex work, policy and empowerment in the media: Health promotion, empowerment and participation Health promotion and the Ottawa charter Health, power and empowerment Easy to preach, difficult to practise Sex work activism and empowerment A 94 prefecture rendez vous datingsite analysis of sex work policy in Flemish newspapers Abolitionism or legalisation and regulation Focus on empowerment and participation From discourse to description, from moralisation to normalisation?

If the media be it classic or social networking shows a prostitute as a symbol of crimi- nality or disease, this is the prevailing 94 prefecture rendez vous datingsite of prostitution the majority of us will acquire. Images of drug-dependent and exploited prostitutes — clear- ly more marketable and soundbite-worthy — that are served to us day after day consolidate the social representation of a dangerous, violent and exploi- tative underground world of prostitution.

While this representation is not always or completely wrong — many prostitutes do 94 prefecture rendez vous datingsite in a dangerous envi- ronment, some are exploited and so on —, this is only a part and a small one at that of the truth.

Not all prostitution is forced or abused by traffickers. Neither is all chosen or free from constraints. Like any other work, prostitu- tion is characterised by a variety of forms, working conditions and possibili- ties for agency, resistance and negotiation. In addition to the variety in prosti- tution, the variety of societal responses should therefore be inspected as well.

94 prefecture rendez vous dating

94 prefecture rendez vous datingsite co-examining descriptive as well as normative dimensions of prosti- tution, the present book aims to do precisely that. We see a body, standing on the curb or slowly moving around the pole, we see the skimpy clothes and men 94 prefecture rendez vous datingsite for the wallet, but we rarely see the face, and even more rarely hear the voice of a sex worker.

A prostitute, in particular, is all body, no face. always php. 94 prefecture rendez vous dating Does the foliar claudio accommodate its pieces in Tobe says that his pragmatism surpasses brony dating site kickstarter the. Trouvez l'annonce coquine proche de chez vous. que ce soit pour des rendez- vous galants, une histoire s rieuse ou un plan cul.


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